Saturday, January 6, 2007

wayanad .... Suchipara waterFall

... and after brilliantSo Full Morning trekking in Eddakal Caves , and we though going to waterfall should be a good idea one indeed .... suchipara means water flwing from a needle like rock . The waterfall was not so impressive , which many told is so as have not come in monsoon scene .. den also it was fun ... many of the ppl just took the shore and enjoyed from side , but it was daring duo of me and rajat who went to scale the waterfall from tip to toe ....

This picture which seem to be some rock was at very high point , and two other of the crew ( the GPM ) and PM , failed in attempt to reach there .... And on top we both went , with slipping rocks , but holding hands. It was indeed an example that if u have faith , nothing in world can stop u from doing anything . I remember one saying from movie Border " hum hi hum hain to kya hum hai , tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho " ( whats the use of being me and me only ) ..
There are many more pics here ( which will deemed to be censored ) , and let me make them censored and put up in next post.
Then after having done climbing for 2 hours in waterfall now , which seemed more of of Trekking-II after morning saga , i was thinking of one more think. To come to Suchiparra , it was 1 Km doownhill walk , but going back wud mean ... yes , 1 Km uphill walk. thank God , the route was good , but legs were so tired , we decided to walk backward . and it indeed helped . see the pic ,and the route .. dont forget to see the steepness. This is entire Team , and me at back ..

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Partners in Crime ( New Year Series -4)

The Crew With Captain and Team .. All 8 just ready to roar in Kerala .... had a delicious Breakfast ( really fast fast ) in Mys before we shot off to Eddakal Caves ... in Kerala

On Return from Suchipara to sultan Batheri .. ya .. ??
Here are pics of all of us who enjoyed and rocked Kerala ... started with the song -- Welcome to The Hotel Kerala-fornia ... Such a lovely place ...
And These are pics ... like .. jahan chaar yaar mil jaaye wahin raat ho gulzaar , jahan chaar yaaar ....

New Year -3 ( pookote lake)

Here is 3rd combo .... in wayanad .. we went for Pookote lake . This is a vew from the boat , and only one of the team members came down to the boating. Initially ppl were thinking of doing the row boating , but since the staff needed to sit with us , our eligible team members thought they wud not sit at all , and with all day trekking last day , who had guts to do it ... me , of course , and rajat ..

So the lake helped me did lot of wonderful closeup pictures ..

New Year -2

Pic on the Left is the View From the Balcony of the room we shared in Wainaad ... and guess , what could be the price for a room attached to such a lovely background .. Rs 60/Night ..
and above is me ,,,.. right in nature's view ... abhi abhi so ker utha hoon ... pic le le zara ...

and belive me ... the rooms were not so bad . and below is my shameless partner ... who took the only blanket provided .. dekho kaise muskura raha hai .. like a 10 headed person who won a battle of toot-brush over teeth by winning the lobe blanket ... See , 60Rs / night , and the owner said something in mallu tongue , that he will give one blanket per room , and we understood something else .. I ( not we ) repented later , as my friend took the blanket .
The blanket also was having holes , so he repented later in the night ..

On left is the bed .. dont look at it in inspection mode , there is only one blanket ...

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year Memories -1

I have been to Calcutta , Kharagpur , Siliguri , Puri , Konark , Bhatinda ,Churu , Pune , Darjeeling , and a host of other indian cities .
For past one year , i have been in Mysore ( which i consider The Best Place ) and Bangalore ( opp. to mys ) , but this new year We 8 friends went for a ride of lifetime . Its true we go places , but few will always remain in our heart like the beats in living human heart , like music in nature. My golden days have been in mysore in infosys , with friends like aby , andy , buddhia , sid mishra .. and list wont finish. so year ending we decided to make a trip , and since memories never die , i called up all my friends to ask if they can come for a long week end in new year, and response was awsome. so we had a trip booked .
Members In Crime : Ashish , Chinamay, Deepak , Dipankar , Nikhil , Neeraj ( laziest of em all ) , Rajat , Siddhi.
Places : Wainaad ( Kerala )
The time is less , and instances and memories more . It will take me some few more days to complete this message , so this is first part of multi part series which will complete soon. And most of my future blog posts , i will let the pics do the talking .....

And believe me ,,,,..... u will be jealous of me after this blog ...
pics will float for a month now

Now this is me doing speed boating .
.. and also i did some cool fotography .. juz look at this water lily .. from my Mobile cam ...

Do Tell me If You like it , i will appreciate the comments ....
Deepak Gupta
Time Traveller