Monday, December 24, 2007

Fading Letter

Let me start it with famous saying " Qassid ke aate aate Khat ek aur likh rakhna , mein jaanta hoon woh jo likhenge jawaab mein " , reminds me of ancient times when a messenger used to take the messages written from one person to other. The messages written on piece of paper, leaves and even cloth. the times changed and then around 1700's , postoffice came into existence. It was then i , the letter , came into existence. It was like a re-birth. People started writing to each other , to relatives far off and to friends near to heart. By mid 1900's , i became the most important part of communications. I was in seventh heaven , with so many people waiting for me to come , for so many songs dedicated to me. There were so many types of me written , one from father to daughter, from lover to other , so on .. but one which made me cry , and had faced rainy days were those written by kins of army personnel. So many times they were so full of emotions that i lost myself. I was no longer a piece of paper , i was a feeling , a memory , a moment to cherished and kept. To be read again and again , for many times, to be hidden under bed , to be put on a notice board , to be shown to entire town .. that was me. People used to wait for me , and I was a V.I.P. , i used to love friends snatching the letters and running the entire city , though it hurt sometimes.
I remember of some instances when an innocent boy fearing his father ate me away on receiving a letter from her to be wife. But then came the computers, they renamed letter to mail. Post offices are being replaced by MailBox , and letters by emails. They say they dont need me anymore , they cant send the same message to hundred other friends they would have loved to. They claim not to have used a pen for a century now , and dont know where post office is. They dont understand my charisma , my charm. they dont understand the fragnance i carry , the smiles i bring to friend's face that your e-mails dont , the emotions i convey. The spell checks u have , but its fun to read mis-spelled words. you might need to send same message to hundred , but atleast send it through me to one who is more than what a hundred means to you.
For just take out your fav pens , dust it off , sheet of paper and write a letter to your near and dear ones , fragnance it and put it in post box. Ah!! you dont know where it is , there is an alternative. they say courier it . Do it once , for me . Please let me cherish my youth once more.
Once more , let me see a beam of smile on your parents face one more time , once more let a drooping cup of tea be placed on my body , to be lifted to leave cup marks on it , once more let me hear a discussion over a parrty , once more let me be kept secretly in pages of books ,before i die in pages of history ..
Just once more please ......

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

parvati - Pune

This Weekend we had a bike , and with all things going wrong , whats the best place to be. Temple. Heard a lot about this place Parvati , somewhere in mid Pune. At 11 in the morning, me and Arun went out to a voyage with unknown routes and paths less travlled to this place. Bangalore has made me learn a few traffic rules, other than breaking speed barrier. With me on wheels , one can be sure of two things, a maniac on roads , and lets Rock. with speeds touching 110 KMpH on Pune roads ( think Arun will testifiy as most people think am a Liar .. big time). We reached the place quite unconfortably asking for directions at each junction. well enough. Lets start with this magestic place, in the heart of city. Parvati is the one of the most scenic locations in Pune. It is situated at a height of 2100 feet above sea level. The temples on Parvati hill are the oldest heritage structures in Pune and reminiscent of the Peshwa dynasty. It offers an aerial view of Pune city .
The Picture above is a sculpture in the Mueseum at Parvati. One of the most unkempt museum i ever saw. The pic above is of Lord Vishnu seated on his garuda.
The pic below is of Lord Ganesha from Mueseum. The sculpture is good , but not that best to be kept in un-maintained mueseum.

The pictures here are true reflection of what a cool place it is. At highest point in Pune, Lord Shiva sits here with all the glory, blessing all the city with his grace. Below is the main temple at "Parvati" . Nandi Bull is one who is at the doorsteps , waiting for all the orders of Lord , in sun rain and everything.

This is the the pic of what is inside the temple of Lord Shiva @ Parvati where pic taking is strictly prohibited, but if the Lord wants it who are we mortals to stop it.

Below is the picture of Lord Vitthal. The temple was closed and no one sitting there , so we had a lill prayer and took the pic without any problem .
Below is the Lion at the enterance to Shive temple protecting the gateway to lord Shiva

Below is pic of Lord Ganesha , in full marble and blessing all who come to him.
The Sunday outing in Pune at Parvati was a pleasing experience. The travelling through middle of city at over 70 consistently and asking the routes , comments and fun and above all . Bike which would shut down every now and down. With Arun at back sporting my biking ways and not cribbing about fast speed ( in fact supporting me ) , it was really a nice experience.

Dats me ... See the background .. entire City ... huh ...
Getting there: Parvati is situated in the centre of the Pune. It is around 4 Kms from Deccan and 1 km from Swargate.
and yess .. comments please :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cant Afford a God

Life has been so full of surprises that i dont know if one such thing actually exists. Have you ever not met with an accident that u shout "Oh God Save me". Have you. Do u believe in God, I used to when i was rich. People remember him in times of distress , and i tend to forget him at times when i need him the most. For he is God , he must be knowing i am forgetting him. He must do something for come back in my life, must he play a miracle , should be join a broken heart or try to join all pieces of shattered heart that has just been crushed with a simple NO.
I am sometimes into believeing that God is nothing but an illusion , an illusion of a few happy who want to credit all they have to someone other than themselves. I am on other sides who are existing ( even if i can term it that way). He was bountiful of letting me meet her , and then in midst of haze , she just faded away. no no , not she , i , me .. I faded off in her memories , and my sight still glaze over the cubicle, on the roads , in the bus, in bike in search to find some faith. I have a great luck line , and a bigger fortune . I will be very rich , but money cant buy you love. I consider myself very poor when i look all i have lost , and the pains incurred. Few times when friends try to be God , and those when they end up devil.
Long time i have been to temple , long time i bowed my head , long times i touched someone's feet , long time i was blessed with an elderly hand... long time i lived , long time i thought about the almighty.
Is it back in me , the power to defy , power to negate his existence. I have nearly lost each and everything i said Mine , he has proved me that they never were. is my illusion that he is illusion is illusion or i am still disillusioned. I am still defying him , and let me challenge him to take all he can now , when i am in a position of nothing to lose , and anything more than that will surely dent his image.
Do u believe in him , i can but for time being i may not. for i have lost so many things to him , that i can't afford a God

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Like A King to King

Finally, my current project is over. Really bugged by all the people here , not from our proj but from the neighbouring ones. The XYZZ is one of the undoubtly the best project to work for, in case you are looking for a reason to resign from the company or think your life as problem free. The politics being played, the resources torn apart , the fallen warriors ... And Just After the clash of titans , what remains is nothing but a heap of dust , dusk ... insteaad of a new era , what awaits is another long night ... For when the friends are few, and dementors (soul suckers) all around , you still stand in there , hang in there ,as if God is going to prize you someDay , mayb today , mayb Tomorrow .. or cauz u had so many repents to make ... u stay here ... shittered , in a pathetic state , waiting for something to happen, something to justify the existence in this bangalore city where Life is scared to death atleast twice daily , on numerous occasion . Why is it , that i am still here in office, writing something so useless as me ... well , why is it my friends have seen me changing without me noticing it .. why is it i want to be all alone when am even surrounded by all of them .. why is it i am asking these question and to whom .. for i dont believe in God , then why ...Why do i believe that for all the pains i am undertaking , for all the bad times , i will be rewarded , wll it be same fate as those who built the Taj ... probably not , but denial is one thing i am always spektical. ..Why is it the color Black has started appealing more than the color of light, or i have taken up the books for the fear of nothing ...Am i ready to go into amnesia , or still a ray of light exists ...for i am still not completly broken, for i still have a heart , and for a semi-functional brain. I can still type and those who dont understand this all , is a matter of me failing at so many peoples . and so many people's expectations , and then why i am there to expect anything from anybody , when i know this world is there to be conquered all alone .. for this is the time , i have my boots up my neck , and bare -footed on glasss spilled floor , i walk .. .. silently for my prize ...its here ,,.. just here ... extend the hand and see who waiting .. the one you have had known for so long , so little , that it has come to you to get to it ... and for it to make belive that u care ... is this more than what i aspire ..for next few decades , i dont know if i still write this line or exist ... but i know 1 thing ...I was there , and i Fought ... like a soldier to soldier , man to man ... like KING to KING ....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Infosys Mysore 25 years Celebrations

I was one of the lucky ones to have witnessed the Infosys Celebrations of 25 years both in Mysore and Bangalore. The celebrations started well with Mysore and a huge celebration of Infosys being listed in US stock index, and then followed by 25 years of celebrations. I as my personal experience I consider the event at Mysore a better celebration then at Bangalore, for the high profilic celebration was laden with the presence of most of my close friends then. The event was never in question and what I take back from that celebration is a host of new friends, a new spirit and a new zest to life. A new thinking, a new vision and a new dream to float a company and be as successful as Infosys Tech Ltd. The event was garnished with presence of Chief Minister Shri.. Kumaraswamy, Chairman of Infosys Shri. Narayana Murthy, President and CEO of Infosys Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chief Operating Officer Infosys Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Shri. Montek Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman - Planning Commission with P Chidambram ( former finance minister of India) . The event was on such a large scale that the stage set up for the even was too huge. At a location where SDB-4 circled the ground at one end and famous Mysore multiplex in vision at far end was a sight not easy to forget. We came to infosys at 3 PM , and believe me it was fortified like a city fearing Alaxander to attack the place. The entry for the employees was from the rear gate , and the parking at far end near GEC building ( will put a pic for all of them soon). Then we moved on to grounds where we were supposed to be seated. A first few seats were reserved for the media personnel, and behind them were we. I remembered the time when we went a bit early to see the Ravana burning during dusshera . I know bad comparison but was like that only.

Mr Chidambram said in his speech "Standing here it is difficult to believe that we are in India, that we are in not the capital city of a state, but in a city with a great history and an even greater future. This could be Silicon Valley in California. This could be the Rouen region in France, this could be Stuttgart, this could be any town in Australia, but we are proud that this is India. We are proud that the makers of this dream are here, with us, and let me begin by congratulating Shri. Narayana Murthy and those who founded Infosys 25 years ago."

These words from his mouth made me feel so proud , i turned around to see the the multiplex, and the magestic it stands

This was then followed by our own Narain Murthy's speech. his speech started as "It is a matter of great pride to see your child grow up, embrace a good value system, seek high aspirations, and achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. My young friends, Infosys is one such child; a child who has made all of us proud not only just by her achievements but as much by her humility, grace, value system and courtesy"

Then bonus was annouced and there was cheer all round the place , and then there was a DJ night, in which KK performed his heart out on a ravishing stage studded with world class DJ lights , and sound system to rock 6000 people present in the ground. There was dance mood all around , and trainees leaving tension of upcoming Exams and Compri's danced on the single tune played through the night. Bet , even stars and moon were swaying to the sound of the live songs sung by KK , which were so language independent. Songs ranged from hindi , punjabi to kannada and tamil. Think that was first time i appreciated the south indian music first time. And the trend continues till date.
We all danced and partied till we fell , exhausted like dying remote batteries who are not replaced but pressed hard for one last time, remaining enough to reach our bikes. God knows how we drove to homes with only cherished memories acting as single source of energy in this physically depleted body. for the star studded function which just annouced that a young man of 25 years is ready to take on the world , and his roar has been no less than that of a lion to tremble entire world.
We are Here , and We are Here to Stay ... :)

Wonder If they Too Miss Me ....

As i was in Mysore from a period of Oct 2005 to Aug 2006 , and then in Bangalore till Sept 2007 , i met so many friends , and so many memories which one can find throughout my blog. But this post is a question to myself, my lone self asking my soul that do my friends also miss me as i miss them. Have i been successful to create a small void in their life which will be missed for a long time. has this useless person found a place in any of the his friend's heart.
First thing that any of my friends, i think wud miss ( my housemates ) must be morning tea , or tea at any hour. And with one cup of tea would assemble all and talk the heart out.
My chatter - oh come on !!! there is not a caliber of any normal humna being who can blabber entire day without head or toe as me. Who i think wont let anyone die bored , but my comments. Have my constant chatter also left a void.
Have my useless comments brought a smile to your face anytime , and do they still compare a similar comment by someone. Do they not miss me while watching a movie, for fundoo commentary. And on top do they still use some of my PJ's and styles when am not around.
Then there are always a person who gets ultimate treatment , i dont know about my friends but my foes are sure , would never forget me. Had they been able to top the verbal insults thrown at them.
Last section of people: These are those people whom i have spent my last few months in Bangalore. For all the movies we saw together , for all the birthdays we celebrated , all parties we lived , all BDA we searched , all Hosur we ran lives out , all shortcuts we found , all intutions that failed , do you still call out "Deepak" sometime thinking Bloody hell, is he still there.

I am one of those disease who are difficult to be eradicated , and will cross paths more than often. My all tries to be normal , talk less have just resulted in people around me also talking more, for the color Black is like that. Takes all in its stride , just like my character.
Full of corruption , dirt , backstabbing and hell worth , if they are able to accept me.
My taunts on going to gym , ever-ready to go anywhere , and one thing which they should miss .My timings , atleast one thing that prevents my tainted image. And all things i promised i did , there was not a single leak, and did all possible to help all my friends, and those who were not in same way, selflessly.
Stop this virus before it spreads smile all over the world.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Magical Infosys Tree

I still don’t remember exactly I got here, but it must have been an age now. May be quarter of millennium now , but am sure as in those times we hardly had any watches or calendar, but I remember one old lady sitting under my shed to generously feed a traveler with some beans, and soon I came to know I am in a city named “bele-benda-kalu-ooru” (in Kannada means, the place of boiled beans). Years passed in thin air as I grew up in midst of my friends and family. Then there was a big battle and all happy moods seemed to go. There were canons all around and deaths, of humans, animals and even my friends, the trees. Yet I survived, but what followed was a pleasant experience. All my surroundings were cleared and beautiful gardens came up in vicinity, under Haider Ali. Then there were still some of my friends whom I used to talk to, and then there were new kids who would hear all my stories so patiently. The trend continued in tenure of Tipu, the most heroic as they call him. And soon I found myself in another battle and from Tipu, went to moughals, back to Wodeyars. The change in age saw me least interested in this world, as most of my friends were gone, and soon should be my turn. Then came the British, and this city was Bangalore. A new name in old place. Tired of standing in isolation for centuries at same place and I tried to expand, want to move a few feet. Then came a dry patch, and I could not see a single person. All my friends and fellows were gone, and I was standing alone. Waiting for death. Then maybe some decades ago, while counting my last came this person. My eyes saw him as another traveler, not to know the savior. He returned next day, and after and soon daily. I thought my days are counted and will soon be chopped off, as the only tree in this barren land. My age old fight to nature will die off to this mankind. I have been respected for ages, from peers and foes alike. Buildings started to come up all over the place, and the people used to come in shade of me. Their children played with me, but I was a dieing soldier. I wanted to give them shade but my days like leaves left in me were counted. Then this spectacled person came to me, inspected me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry together we will see it through. You promise to live, I promise to take all care for you”.
For first time in my life I felt someone respected me, but deep in my heart I know my days are counted. Still I believed in him, and soon there were some people working on me. Suddenly I started feeling blood running in veins, and my heart beat coming back. I was delighted and what followed was a beautiful garden around me. And so many trees around me, so many new friends. I still tell them all the tales of the ages I have seen. But what makes me most happy are so many people passing by me each day. They also seem to be warriors like me inspired by that same man who once whispered life my ears, and years in my age.
So each time you pass by me, do thank that man and smile at me because I smile back to you each time you smile to me. Thanks for giving my life back.
PS: Don’t forget to take a picture of you with me, don’t u think I am photogenic.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blore Memory

Another day has passed , and these memories of all friends dont rust off. Each relation each single day gets off to a start .. and a stop. And here i am recounting one of the most wonderful evening of my life which never happened , but still is my best time.
The day i dont remember, neither do the date , but i feel in love with this girl over phone. Her sensible talks , never ending crib about people in bangalore and long working hours never failed to end. She possibly stayed near to my place but i never had courage to meet her. Let me paint her for you , two pony tails , not so good looking and possibly wheatish complexion and oily face. Yet, the way she talked was mature , and sometimes so childish. I was to pretend myself to believe no matter how this girl is lookwise , i wanna meet her once. And I dont know how she will react , but I gonna tell her that despite of her looks I am Really Inspired by her talks , her concerns , her childish queries... and that thing .. "Deepak tu mere baare mein kya sochta hoga". Took after 4 months of talk , one day busy cribbing about bangalore this lady calls up to meet me. Wheew , today i am going to meet a friend whose roots have grown deeper in me , more than the mysterious girl and as of that matter any girl. Carefree i just went.
It took 20 min for her to come down , and then i saw her. All that i wanted to say was no where. She was as beautiful as her talks, and first thing that i saw just knocked me down, and in few seconds i realised , i again have been cheated. Cheated by the same God twice and over. All i could remember was a chessboard , and here Black and White are never friends, and there is no third color. For once i believed there could be nothing more than friendship , but as a human heart , i saw a dream. Dream , and in my dream she refused to go. She was my crush,one whom i had a genuine crush. For first time , her facial value outshone her voice. But obver next few months, her talks again took over. And i understood that she is like a chubby child , one running after colorful butterflies , and asking his friends to help. One fine day , 31st august .. and something went worng .
And somewhat I start forgetting you , little little ,and your face fading away . Few phone calls always made me remember you , just few things like shouting Hooo and just escaped myself from being eaten up , and each talk of you making me remember that I am lucky to be talking to such a lady with beauty and brains.
And then its like one can be hungry , but one cant eat beyond a limit , and this is what defines human nature. The fading off voice of an angel from my life to a better world , for i always knew she had to go .. and if she is really going how can i stop.
One thing today when she has decided to chose a path , and is just going to start with a new life . remember one thing ...
I have learnt to listen to new songs for you , to listen to what people say and above all. I still think i can be a hero , but its still you all the way. There are a thousand things i remember of you and may fill this entire blog with them buti wont , since you are still a bug in mind , and i need to fix my brain before its too late for me to realise i have hallucinating for over months now
Dont know how to finish it , maybe like your song , your friendship is
" Its sweet like a sugar coated candyman" ....

Mysterious Girl

I first saw her on 9th Feb 2007 , and had a little thinking that she will in subsequent eight months of our interaction will become one of a few people on Earth, whom i appreciate from Earth. For she has been one of the most thinking absent minded girl , one whose smile is bestest in the world , if not less. She has been like a mentor , a guide and above all telling me on correct lines what to do and what not. She can go hours and hours scolding you , stare you like u gonna die of a heart attack , and then smile herself.
The girl has strengthened me in the most happy times, and most happy times cauz of her. With so many trips , i appreciate her planning , and logical reasoning.
She is amateur cook , but believe me she is true for the saying - Professions build Titanic , Amateurs build the Oak , and all knew what sank. The food prepared on so many occassions was too good to be appreciated. Esp the kadi with chaaj .... it was awsome , and that day chappati were too good, i ate them raw. But believe me , i am also astonished by her speed to cook chappatis.
Then there was this day when we were in home , and it had rained for 4 days , and whole streets flooded with water , and no water in home , as the motor had been jammed.
One of the most well kept and maintained in terms of cleanliness. There can't be a disease scare when she is around , for not a germ can ponder when she is there. I just appreciate the way she want everything perfect , just like her .
And then there were friends in for the party , where we won each and every game on Eddie lines .. Cheat , Steal , Win ... and we did that. Then followed by game of cards , and as once a cheater always a cheater ... but she was the only one to know and sealed the lips .
Last , she cook a dish so awsome as a beauty she is. so simple yet so effective, an angel on earth came down to my life only give a new dimension to my life , and believe me , you are one of my friends who will always be my very very good friend. You gave a meaning to my life , and the way to live a new life. Those 8 months will be with me for rest of my life . just hope to be in contact soon ...
Well who is she , she is no real , only mysterious girl ... and all these instances fictious .. so please dont get sentimental ...

Monday, December 3, 2007

love's hard , love's well

love's hard , love's well ,
love's where we all dwell .
And this Earth is a place where priorities do change. a simple prank for someone may be risking a life of another. For many money is priority , and for some friends. Am one of those unfortunate people who have in each stage of life found good friends , cherished them , let the friendship nurture and be as strong as a raw baniyan... still lose a few every now and then. A tree may prosper with every growing season but it has to shed some of its strength in autumn to come back more strongly next year. This lean patch sometimes takes away most cherished flowers the tree ever had , and this is where The Will of a person stands it test. To just blindly belive one has the best of world is not true , same as believing one to believe he does not have the best.
The way the life will turn around can't be defined in a random order , but yes this errentric life has its trajectory defined. It will not always be fine , neither will always rain.
The way of love is the most cherished one , and the most sad things happen with love. If u start loving a friend more than a friend , and the other person starts to belive that you have fallen in love with that person just because you compliment the other sex so much , so your talktime on fone increases, this is where the so healthy friendship starts taking a U-Turn. and most of the times , just like my case ,u realise that your one of the better friends in world , with whom you shared things you sometimes dont share with yourself is gone.
And you are once more standing in the middle of this dead world , surrounded by deaf dead people , shouting their throats out and running to kill you , and u look to a non -existent friend, who has for so much time help you fight off this real mean world , just not there...
and then you stand there , fighting dead , but then how you kill the dead ... how ...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

tipsy topsy life

Life like candy comes in various shapes , size , packages and decorations. These are not always pleasant neither healthy. sometimes we end up in situations where we tend to believe that the God does exist , and that he is sole responsible for all the good things. and then suddenly he , who sits there in heaven, plays a trick none of us can understand. He plays like a professional , and he The One , never loses in last few minutes. The way he knits the life and all the threads together are too strong and beyond the power of man's destiny to defy the same.
If I am standing here today , trying to make most of my fortune myself , trying to change my luck , my fate , my life is all going to plan. I have many friends who with time have changed, most of them. But there have been minority carriers also , unlike the first ones who have changed. These minority carriers seems to appreciate the frienship only till the time the help is needed. and those most of friends who have changed have taken my friendship to a new dimension. Each new day , and each old friend gets his /her roots deeper in my heart , and it will be so unfair even to consider myself all alone here. My friends in blore , Delhi , Mys and chandigarh are so indespensable for my life , is like breathing friendship.
Its on them , the way they change the colors in my life that i am able to survive , and fight through one of the most difficult phases of my life , when people have either turned busy or pretend to be.
One of the most important lessons Pune has given me , if u really love someone , dont let it fly away for too long. Let her go once , and it will return , but dont experiment on it too long , mayb second time the bird forgets the route or it is too late.
With one special mention of a very close friend who just left in between. Yaar , i always wanted u to be my bestest of best friends, but think u went more in some other way. Had u hated me in this way , and i irritated u like this, you should have told me earlier , i would have never exposed my open wounds. But since its all open now , i dont have courage to be stripped again , of my honour , of my pride and most important of my life .
Do remember , life is not always bad , and so not always good. dont expect anything from life and from friends who u think are but in reality are not.
I still am not able to believe it that i lost such a close friend of me .... there can be only two ways we meet now , meet and never part till death , or never meet till i die .... but then u still wont come to my funeral ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pizza Hut Pune

The occassion was Anand Dwivedi once more . This is one of a few friends who always bring a gleam over my face , lest i see him anually. This was longest time we didnot see each other now over a year. Anand came to my place at 815 PM and he drove a pulsar.. A few Kms and i requested Anand to lemme drive. He refused till we reached Rakshak Chowk , and then he handed me the bike. The bajaj pulsar 150 DTSi digital display , and the way it glided over the concrete devil road was just marvellous. Soon we were at front , speeds of 80+ in traffic and most zig zag fashion as we reached destination much sooner than expected. After that Anand went to meet a friend in Pune Central and was followed by dinner at Pizza Hut , hosted by Anand. It has been exactly a year since we last met , and then we are here this time celebrating his 1 yr of onsite , and his potential growth in industry ( touchwood) . Here was most fun we had , Gaurav Rana ordering all possible menu and then it was followed up with all what all could order. Thank god it was Pune , had it been blore by any chance, anand wud have been bankrupt. Here Rana and me took most things in our hearts out , and poor anand was left alone , fighting these two people. At 130 AM we left for home , but it was too late to go home , and so i decided to stay in Anand's place ( after seeing his heroic drive earlier that day). But it was really brave of him to come to me on the bike just to meet me.
There are a lot of other instances that followed the remaining week , but will discuss sometime later .
as of now , anand is in delhi and i am really not missing him ( am a liar , liar liar :) ) ....

Location : Pizza hut Pune is in JM Road , one can straight from E sqaure to JM road, then on the opposite side of the road , either do a wrong side for 10 mts or a U turn some 500 mts away . Come back and u r In Pizza Hut where we enjoyed

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Infosys Guest House

Just save this majestic image and see the beauty. Seems as if we are not in india but this is Infosys Mysore. Many more pics :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Life Line

Have I always met a new friend with the same warmth as i met her. Failed to recognise a face so familiar in this unfamiliar world, and nearing losing to one of my rarest gem of a friend. Never would have a girl come to me so close to telling that i am still the best. The day when all shades of life seem to fade away , she stirrs colors in my life with the fluency like a perfectionist. That exactly what she is , a topper, a friend , an advisor , a big B and still a little child at heart. Unlike most of people she will be ready to take a positive constructive feedback but above all she is the one of the basic reasons i am able to control myself from this so illusioned world.
The day when i saw her , i just saw her ,... and her. She is a real beauty , fairest cheeks and smile to die for. That was a time when I was in a real emotional turmoil , somethings which i told to 3 other people in my life ,and she was the most sensitive of them all. The other person whom i told the same story would not even try to understand, though may be thinking of me as a fool.
whatever you may call her , my imagination , my story, my sketch ... she is one of the realities in my life , and i will go to stretch , any possible extend just to make sure she is there ... for now and forever , for if she is there ... i really dont need anyone else
But why should i call her life , or life line , because even in most busy of my schedules , i will find out time to talk to her , and vice versa ... just like in most busy times u still breathe .
What more can i ask from God , she knows it .... i wont say it .. u will never understand ....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

25 Year Celebrations Preparations @ Infosys Bangalore

Have You known what is known as Majestic , magnificient , the perfectionist , if not one should have been present in Bangalore last year when Infosys Technologies celebrated 25 years of it existence in this blood sucking world. The time span it not only grew , flourished, challenged the traditions, the world and came out a winner. And when it stands on threshold of another new era , all of it wanting to be conquered by the most daring , Infy has again come up to accept the challenge. Just look at the picture below , one of the rarest pictures of the fountain area , one night before the big night. The alignment of chairs so perfect , the stage so silent like waiting for the big storm. The emptiness in this pic will soon be flooded to an extent that there will be over 15ooo people cheering infosys in its 25 years of setting up an example.
The next morning i saw the most beautifully trimmed and kept the shrubs and water so pure. Though it is same everyday like that but the day everything seemes so heart winning. Something you are tend to believe, though no natural beauty , the power man has over nature. In the pic below , nice fountains lined with palm trees sandwich between the buildings.

The view in the morning of the stage and the mystique lining of chairs in front of stage , leave a feeling like this is nothing but a quintessense of what Brand Infosys is. When it comes to something like quality or showing the might to the world , this senile quater century old company will no longer be a dessertation. It will be furor to wait out for what infosys has in store for the world.

The number of employees expected to view this extravagent celebration of a company clicking birthday was expected to pass 15k , and so any place possible had seating available , keeping in mind the fulcrum of all the arrangemnts, the look and feel of the event not be effected. The number of chairs present in morning will beluge the person when he sees the actual crowd in the evening when Sonu Nigam comes and performs to one of his best performances. Sonu Nigam's performance with videos and pics will be appearing soon here .
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Thanks and visit again
This is the video i shot that day in morning :

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Week in Bangalore 2006

Bangalore , IT City , Software Hub and still most important and above of them all , main branch of Infosys Technologies Limited. I had heard from people while driving to Mysore to Bangalore on bike to leave my bike in Mysore , not because they doubt my biking skills but the beast called "Hosur Road" , little had a known there cud possibly ever be something so huge as traffic in Bangalore. I was reminded to days in Delhi when i was stranded in hours in traffic jams in evening school bus, but this one was much worse than that ever was. Buses , cars and bikes ... traffic all u can see , and a blade of free road is enough for a dozen vehicles fighting for it . Man, an admission to IIT must have been easy. And when it rains , it seems like someone has thrown gasoline over the already burning streets. an hour comes to couple and suddenly the bus travel stretches to like travelling on a highway ( only in terms of time spend). And this was proabably the only devil i found in Bangalore , as i used to tell my friends ... I was a carefree person , but after riding my bike for 5 months in Blore , i cud say with no regret .. "I believe life is a risk , myself have been doing it twice daily , once in morning and other while coming back from infosys to HSR".
But apart from this , the Bangalore is bigger than a city. Its still better than the notorious bangalore as it is known. It is gem of a city , will give u all what u want. Though it comes with a price , still it is worth it. The locals are prevalant as in any other city, but one will not find it disturbing. If you have a localite friend then its great , but even if you dont have , you wont be stuck in Mysore where people deny to understand hindi and english, flat on the face.
The auto will ask you some amount that will be so undesirable , come to Pune and you will know the current fare structure. People in bangalore are , i have not known many people in bangalore but a few ones , and believe me i will have a post on them coming in soon .

Now the above pic is of the time when i was in ECC , Infosys Bangalore but this was most travelled path. from my ECC to terminal ( food court). This day it was raining and it looked so beautiful. The pics were taken from my mobile in hurry and i did not want it to be spoilt as it was raining , hence blurred pics.

And this is my favourite of Infosys bangalore , the colored misty fountain. just outside my building.
Whatever it was , my stay in bangalore was one of the most memorable , not only because of varied options it provided but also because people i met here were good. Bangalore is far far a part of north india, and nothing but the deccan makes u believe u r in south India.

Train Journey 2 years Ago

Karnataka Express and two friends set the foot out to the outside world to chase the dreams, to make new friends , maintain old ones , and above all to earn money. Then also i had a different dimension to my dreams which i continue to nurture even today. When all the lines in each person is trying to deepen the luck line in the right hand , i have decided to take a different path. A path not only less travelled , but the one which will probably not reap any benifits for me , but might go down in memory lanes of so many people. This so innocent looking person has changed so much in last two years that even though God might not be able to tell the difference, i can sense the same. The pain of losing the friends , has infact took a step backward in making new ones.

I still remember the josh i had when i left the place , to be in Bangalore and move to mysore. I saw so many things en-route , and there was me who believed that its best to outside home. Though that mentality has not changed too much , but still think that the friends who make will have a void in your hearts. Now to the agenda of this post , those 42 hours in train , and the beautiful scenic beauties i saw in my life till then. The pictures taken here are no match of what I have clicked in my mind, but i am sure one may be able to appreciate the beauty i saw in train.

This was a continuous range of mountains ,most of the mountains were barren till then , and this was such a treat to eye that i wanted to get down , go to the top of the hill and shout ... and i took atleast 5 pics of the mountain top , and then i wanted to take more , but Nokia 3650 , battery also needed to be conserved

Above pic must seem to be a misfit in mist of scenic beauty but is not. This is one the places where the train took a different line and track , so that other train ( rajdhani express ) can pass through and then over train took a reverse gear. Think we lost atleast 30 min there.

The above bridge was probably the longest bridge i crossed in my life, one can consider its length that i tool out my mobile, turned it on and click a pic , and this bridge was still going on. The bridge which is seen was previously used to commute over the river , but now the new bridge has taken over .. reminds me of the life , the old must go , and new must come.
like times have changed and so must you , else these times wont forgive you

Last but not the least , 31 hours into the journey , the train took a you turn , nearly one , the curve of train was so threatening that i was scared what if it tilta to one side, esp with me sitting on the same side...

This post of mine must be irrelvent to many , but those who came to Bangalore via train might be able to recollect a few memories. would love to share comments ....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pune Infosys

Here are first pics of mine in Pune DC , Infosys Technologies Limited , a place i still did not appreciate and hate it to the core of my heart. A place where an employee of infosys will feel as if he is cursed to work here. all used to say Infy is not the correct place but Pune has proved me or made me to believe that Bangalore office of Infosys was better than Mys or Pune , in fact even if i dare compare bangalore infosys to Pune campus, it will be an insult to the bangalore infosys office. not only bangalore was more clean , and tidy but also well maintained.
First few weeks in Bangalore were tough though , now all seems fine , and i am starting to love the company of good friends here. And lunch time is one of the best times , good food and company.
Then home now also is much better than the Infosys Accomodation where nothing seemed to be going right.
Lets see , and hope my this Pune term comes up well and fine and short enough.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vaibhav Pruthi - Still the same .. remain the same

1st of November , and one of the the normal boring days when i completed yet another module on e-learning in Telecom Domain , tired and Fused out went back to home। Thank God , Tata Net connection was working , and i sat down to relax , and i found this guy online ॥ Vaibhav Pruthi। One who was in bed 3 days back ,and start off with normal stuff। Suddenly this fellow asks me to meet for dinner , and he says " aa jaa " ( come on ) , and a few sick sentis। And then i thought that lets meet, there is no stopping when Duty calls or the Friends calls... and in next 20 min i was in University Gate . And then I was there , and so was my old dear pal Pruthi ... woh hi mast si smile , and first thing i can tell about this person , he has maintained himself very well. And i really appreciate the way he carries himself. And then a big hug and we were off to a resturant nearby॥ Great dinner hosted by Vaibhav , and sharing those things which always were there ... and suddenly we were back in year 2k , in Montfort and the old rubbish talks of me cursing MontFort and praising SPS , and Pruthi defending the same started, which ended up in roars of laughter. The dinner was completed discussing our personal lives as open book , and sharing those secrets which i never told to anyone, he has known those in Montfort when i moved from SPS. Then we moved back to my place and i forget the route , and misguided by few locals , but still we reached home. He is one of a very very few friends who i cherish, and hope he remains the same .. atleast for me for rest of my life ...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pune 1st Day

Delhi Pune flight was a short one. By the time we were in Air , it was time to land , and the Pune was so hot and humid . By God , if u were thinking in that Blore was most expensive Indian city to be in , probably first stint in the city would revert your thinking. For a 20Km journey , the pre paid cab asked for Rs 450/- , same in Blore wud be around 360/- and in Delhi @ 270/-. The stay provided by infosys. And the accomodation was also very good , with one caretaker and one cook. Two bed , and AV , 14" TV ( my Lappy was bigger than idiot box) . There was no power , and hot humid Pune , just sweat out and cursed the place. Then i called one of my college friends , and he was staying just near to place i was , went on to meet the person , shared a few college giggles , and he also hosted a wonderful dinner. And then when i went back place , my room was locked and i didnt have the keys. after a few calls to owner arranged the keys , and i was told in this 900 Rs/day accomodation , the doors are not supposed to be locked. Long live Infosys and accomodation it provides

Dinner @ SummerKhand , Bangalore

This was my second last night in Bangalore and we decided to go for a grand dinner , and it was hard venue to decide. And it was getting harder with some of us wanting to party all night , or go on to some dics. But this was just in planning when Fateh decided to go to Samarkhand. Now where is this samarkhand , and we are off to wikimapia.
Directions to Place: From Kumble Circle ( MG Road) , go straight , and from second cut take Right. just after first cut u will see the place. Do refer to Wikimapia .
Then at 730 when we were in our places , we called Fateh to be informed the tables are booked at 8:30 and no where we cud have reached in time , and we rushed to get ready. finally losing the way to Kumble Circle and made a few wrong one ways and finally reached the place , safe and sound. Then we partied there. The starters were superb and nearly filled the stomach , and then we went ahead to have our dinner and desserts ... But it was a night to remember with funs , jokes and most important, My last masti moment in MG Road Bangalore , atleast for that period.
and i am not at all enthusiastic to move back to blore once more , one stint with this death defying city is more than enuf for me .

Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Days in Bangalore

My last week in bangalore was an eventful one , and there was a lot of uncertainities that were always there. There was an element of extreme hapiness on leaving the Death City, and that i will never have to drive on that Blood sucking , horror full Hosur Road , and the death defying stunts. No more wud i be risking my life twice a day on road , and miraculously living for yet another day.
And Then there was a deep pain in me , for this city has given me some of the best moments and friends one may desire. The list ( not on priority ) starts with Sameer ( so many things to share with this guy , he is by far the most special ) , Fateh ( jaan Blore ki ) , Nattu , Sudesna , Hrishi ( i miss u yaara ) , Mitra ( ECC aur sukh dukh ka saathi) , Bala (kya swimming chaloge), Underscore S ( Prashanth) , Kavita ( surprise packet) , Ramya (Meri Blore mein sabse achi dost , and share most of my secrets), Deepa (learned most from her and will be always an inspiration till rest of my life), Sobin (bully bro , who told me exactly when to shut up , still elarning) , anika , melvin , sandeep ( likh diya) , hemant ( yeh masterpiece tha , isko nahi bhool sakta) , Sudesna ( meri gym ki inspiration ) , Krishna ( in my last days in infy and became very gud friend ) , Manish agarwal( Cool type banda) .. the list might go on unending , and i might append it soon ... If i missed yr name , mayb u r still in ma heart ... be there and be safe.
Then for some time i cherished all the Infosys Bangalore , so beautiful , so huge , so charming ... believe me once in blore DC u will fall in love with the place , and the day i said audieu , it hurt right there to leave the place.
another thing that was most happening was the stuff that was at my place, and left with 5 days to sell off everything and dispose all of it , and then help Sameer to shift ... per woh bhi maza tha ... Last night was stayed at Fateh's place and a lovely spicy chinese dinner near their place.
and then was at Delhi the next day after disposing my bike to Delhi ... and now i want it back ...
more topic for last week parties in Blore coming up soon ... so keep reading ....
and i wont write about last morning ultimatum ....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hogenakkal Falls

It has been nearly a month when the group of 5 people travelled 150+ Kms to the most dangerous waterfalls in Asia . and believe me , they are. One single mistake can cost a life , but whats life without risk will also fail you. Morning was cool with people pouring in house , and sharing the breakfast. Then it was our turn to rock. We passed through Tamil Nadu Karnataka border to reach one of the finest outing I had in south. Possibly the place was not that bad , but the road surely was full of rides. and we had to keep the honking a habit as we reached the place. and the time u enter the place , u are flocked with a hundred thousand people offering you something you dont even understand. and then they will start fighting with each other in Tamil , and we just start to think , was the decision to come here "Right". Then the Sumo was parked and we went in for the ride. With fishes all around , and smell of deep frying make your stomach go hungry. But what followed was a ride in sun , unlike the makedattu falls these were cool. Lots of water all around us , sometimes as deep as 90 feet. And we had a real scare when the canopy grudged against a rock in the lake and it seems must have had some real injury to the same. But the boatman assured us that nothing is wrong and all is going on in a perfect manner . The fun of Hogannakal fallls is there in other posts in the same blog, with some cool videos and pics. Go and explore the world full of danger and risk

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

kailash Kher In infosys

Kailash kher, Allah ke Bande famed Singer with teri diwani songs to his name , Kailaasa was in infosys with his band. Before i start with his performance , let me tell something about this sufi hindi mix mast singer. The movies in which he has sung songs are :
1971 (2007), Aap Ki Khatir (2006), Alag (2006), Andaaz (2003), Anjaan (2006), Baabul (2006), Baaz - A Bird In Danger (2003), Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii (2007), Chocolate (2005), Classic - Dance Of Love (2005), Corporate (2006), Deewaar (2004), Delhi Heights (2007), Dev (2004), Dil Se Poochh Kidhar Jana Hai (2006), Dosti (2005), Ek Ajnabi (2005), Fanaa (2006), Hanuman (2005), Jaana - Let's Fall In Love (2006), Kaal (2005),
Khakee (2004), Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006), Kisna (2005), Krishna (2006), Kyon Ki (2005),
Mangal Pandey - The Rising (2005), Manorama Six Feet Under (2007), Naksha (2006), Nishabd (2007), Revati (2005), Sacred Evil - A True Story (2006), Salaam-E-Ishq (2006), Sarkar (2005), Silsiilay (2005), Swades (2004), Tango Charlie (2005),
Traffic Signal (2007), Vaada (2004), Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II (2003), Waqt - The Race Against Time (2005), With Luv Tumhaara (2006), Zinda (2006).
May Be i have missed some movies , these were i remember. Then there are his private albums which are better than the best.
His albums are Aawargi,Kailasa,Kailasa Jhoomo Re, Sufi Simplified-, Ya Rabba .

So this was Kailash Kher For you.
Now he came to infosys Audi right on time, just like a S/W engg is expected to be for an event in Infosys named as Finnacle Fever . Even after his band came and settled for placed , it took some time for the master to come out.
I have attended many concerts like this of Palash , Sukhwinder , Aryns, Sonu Nigam , KK to name a few, and i was expecting this to be better than that of sukhwinder , which was no doubt the best of them all. and he started with energy of universe in voice of youth. And all tuned in to Bham bhabham bham Bham bhabham bham bam lehri .... and then scooping it up with teri diwani ... but then he lost the tune. The music was better than the best , and Kailaasa was promoting his next album .. On one hand he talks about his concerts in UK , US and worldwide , and the hypocrate on the other hand requests you not to go abroad.
Heres how he finishes the show ...
I have a request from all infosys people , India is best (cheers from croud) ....
Kailasa : please let me finish ( in angry tone)
Crowd : Cheer once more
Kailasa : Please dont go to foreign .. let the foreigners come here . i have sincere request , please dont go to United States.
why is it we always will advise others to stay in India , when we ourselves with tongues out will go to US for concerts and jobs.
The show was ended with Title Track of Mangal Pandey , i would have preferred a more dance track , as we all were there for masti. If we had gone ONLY to hear himm ,and not enjoy the same , Infosys has best music systems for us to enjoy.
For the show must be rated by someone as 3/5 , but for me who had such high expectations was left with nothing to console.
i will rate it below that.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

JigSaw My Life

Have You Ever Played Jig Saw Puzzle , if no probably this junk collection of few words is not for you. This is how we go about playing a puzzle, take the pieces and try to keep them back in places. But how do we go about joining broken pieces of an abstract life. When You yourself become so dis-illusioned that you weave out a face from an abstract painting. When you Cry but dont know is it because of bright future or contrasting past, or the way present times are crushing you. Here is me , at threshold of my last days in Bangalore, still thinking what is it This City has given me more than any other. I made a few new friends, some of them will bond with me till i am alive, some have lost the track in current city. first time i refused an ongoing relationship , and nth time a a girl saying no to thing i never said. Well Bangalore for me is a puzzle , in which i had a very cherished birthday , topped with the people present. I jusy hope one thing , i wud have left Bangalore before 31st August. That day has left me with nothing. What happened for next 3 weeks was nothing but lost and lost friends. As i was lost in middle of nothing, nursing an injury to myself. With no one around , and THE ONLY FRIEND , i considered to become one of my closest friends ever was gone. It was like " we came so close that we became so far" .
Suddenly this happy go merry city became a devil , and only 1 , single person was able to find me absent minded in most laughs. Friends become busy with work , and dont appreciate the help. I just dont want anyone to be in a sitaution, when u help a person with all you can , and next moment the person is gone.
God Forbid , i confess to have a big bigger and biggest crush of my life in Bangalore , and yes i dreamt. Is it unfair , No way. All can dream , unfair is when u want it to come true at any cost.
i wanted to pen this for so long , but didnt find the strength. Please remember i am all by strengths of my friends , and please even if find me a bit irritating at time , just dont hate me.

One of my friends started hating me , and to that friend , i am SORRY. Its a failure on my part to be one , and i will repent. Obviously I had a mistake , i shall be punished. But when alone , and when u want to talk , i am still there with my ears open as wide , and ready to take the scolding when u did not get the justified piece of cake in suceess.
But one thing i learned , never make some one your everything , because when they are gone you are left with nothing.

But this is not the type of post i am supposed to write, for all my friends, it was just a piece of fiction, and for those who know me , its still a fiction piece.

The pain is fun , only thing is it sometimes becomes sticky and messy , with eyes gallowing red , and pain turning hot cooled by the rain in eyes.

Now i am travelling to Pune finally on 29th Sept , but only 1 thing i wanna ask God ... Why always Me ... why always 31st ... why is it u made me this way , y is it u made my heart like a stone , y is it that it does not pain despite many heart breaks. .. still y this stone heart never told how deeply i like her .. y is it never said to most beautiful girl , i like u ... y is it it is going far far from her ... y is it the reason for me to be happy in bangalore is lost. .. y is it a thousand friends can make me smile from heart , and why is it even after deleting her number from my mobile i remember her , y is it after deleting contact from outlook , i still remember her id , y is it I still look in her scrap book with different profiles ... y is it i am hated by none by her .. y is it I still wait for her to come along ... y is it u r still reading this junk piece and not laughing yr stomachs out ...
i have been known to be like that , and nothing on me shud be serious , so why should this article be an exception.
But one thing , my jig saw will be complete the day the most beautiful girl i ever saw comes back in my life , may be not as a lover , may be as a gf , and as a true friend , i always saw her as.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Real Falls at Hogenakkal

This is a video which will show how dangerous was the falls , and how exciting it had been to be there and at that point ...
Till your eyes might go , you will see only and only waterfalls and nothing more ..... thousands of them.

Find more videos like this on Memories

The Real Falls

This is a video which will show how dangerous was the falls , and how exciting it had been to be there

Find more videos like this on Memories

dangerous falls

The Great Falls ....

These hogennakal falls have been second good falls i have seen in south India. Suchipara falls in Wayand had the distinct distinction of being the best falls in The place. But Kempty Falls are the best. Well , this was second time i was viewing a waterfall from top of the waterfall, and not from the bottom where is real beauty is encountered. In the pic below , Sameer ( in red ) is sitting on edge of rock balancing miraculously on the wet rock. The water we see just by our side is very very deep , and this is no doubt the most dangerous waterfall in India or Asia .

And below are all happy faces , after the Chunchi falls episode when there was not a blade of rain. but here there was water , and deep deep water . and all were so happy to be a part of the same. And we had to travel a lotta distance on foot also.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hogenakkal Falls

Water Water EveryWhere , and The Boards did Shrink ,
Water Water Everywhere ,and Not a Drop to Drink.
This is how i can best explain the Falls , far from shore and moving to the other part in the most primitive boats those existed. The Round circular wooden boat coated with charcoal on the other side, was means of transport for two sides of falls we saw. The First Pic is of water which the person rowing the boat claimed to be 30-50 feet , which we doubt was deeper.

Below is the first phase of trip , when we just sat down and had a cool time. We were adjusted to most primitive boat in some calculations to balance the boat and we were off in the boat. Dwindling and shifting , and wach time Fateh would shift , wud leave the navigator tense , and finally Fateh put his head back in comforting posture.

This is commercialisation , shops on the boat. from Fanta to Chips to biscuits u just name it , and they have it. And in middle of river , thinking of sea pirates , and there is no way u can escape, for land in sight was too far. And then this person came and tried to do his business, but sorry we had snacks with us ...

Can you See the Shop Boat , but can u C anyone navigating it ... seems Jack Sparrow from POC is driving it ...

And finally another shopper's Stop , though i dont prefer to use that name , cauz it has deep memories in bangalore , not mine .. no no ..

Monday, September 10, 2007

hogenakkal falls

This time We Decided to go to the falls taking our time. So here were five of us going to party , and believe me , its a really awsome place to be. It all started with pledge previous night to get up early for trip , but its Sunday guys , and who cares... and it was already 730 when somebody woke up. chalo guys lets get ready for hogenakkal ... and there was a call from Fateh , we will be there in 10-15 minutes. At 830 ok , lets do it . By the time breakfast was ready, phone rang. Fateh forgot the path to the place. Chalo , then had to go and take him. He was angriest of lot , seeing me still in casuals... hehehee ... trick to send cab first to his place worked.
The Masti Starts -
Now in less than 20 min we are all ready , packed bags to the most dangerous waterfalls in asia, claiming more lives than any other fall in india. The Sumo started with Buzzzzz...... and off we were to a thrilling end to a roller coaster week , which saw some people moving out of life from behind the doors , some friends who never were .... and some people who will always be there.
Songs Played loudly , and Sumo rolled the roads like the bus in the song "We are going to Ibiza by venga boys" ... loud cheers , close calls , and bangalore traffic.
Kasam se The Driver was constantly honking , and even though we asked him a lot of times not to honk . I will this time start with photographs and tell some masti incidents ...