Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anand Dwivedi -- DVD

Anand , just like name ever-smiling and happy person. I have known him since 2nd year in college , and belive me , he is gem of a person. Not only he looks good , he also is a man of words. One thing i always appreciate about him is his varied taste , he can take in anything u want him to , but only thing is it should be sweetened by love. In frienship for friendship , he can cross any limit. May b , I dont consider him as a friend , because that wud mean me cheating myself , cauz he is like a brother to me , and the pain i incurred on losing him to pune and then to amsterdamn can t be understood by anyone other than aby or rhythm , the sections to them will be coming soon , and so will be many more sections .
Anand and me had best of times , we watched wresting together , and even when Evolution was at top , then we loved it . Can we forget Batista, Shwan Michaels ,John cena ..the time we spend with each other.
The times we went to college together , gave exams together , failed together , passed together.
Some things are never said , and i dont take the credit .. can go on record. Anand got 80% in 1st sem , and that time we didnt knew each other. next sem he got 90%. I still remember in exam i used to guess 5 questions and that set always came , but i never studied and realised it very late.khair , i still remember i used to drag him out of comp lab and shikha gandhi maam used to let me do that. we sat together , and prepared together for each of our success.
our memories grew deeper in infosys. we didnt got the same room (thank god ) , but adjoining room. there is a good thing (best indeed), i used to study from him for 1 hr before the exams and used to pass. I still cherish moments i spend with anand in mys and bangalore , and in Delhi.
I still miss him , and he is one knowing all my secrets , and best part , there is no thing in world which he knows and i dont and i know and he doesnt. Lemme tell u , i can read his heart , and he can do the same for me ....
" Aa mera haath thaam bahut ho gaya nasha ,
yaaron ne meh pila di bahut tere naam se .. "

what i wud like to conclude for andy , DVD , nandu ...

" Deepak Jalte hai , Fool Khilte hain ,
Badi Mushkil se Duniya mein Dost milte hain ,...
Is rang roop per dekho , hargiz naaz na kerna , jaan hi maange yaar to de dena ,
naraaz na kerna ..
rang ud jaate hain roop dhalte hain ,....

All Pics other than one with me are him in Netherlands ....

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