Sunday, January 7, 2007

edakkal caves

the first phase of my Kerala ... was edakkal caves , means hanging rocks , but it seemed to be a long one. The journey started with having a heartful breakfast in mysore , and then moving to kerala. En route the forest area , we saw lots of deer and sum elephants . stopped the car to have a pic or two , and by end of morning , we were in kerala , and by 12:30 in edakkal caves. But at this point is where a strange incident happened. As soon as we reached the caves , the fellow cab driver from other person , told that Saddam has been hanged in a wrong way , and as such there is a strike in wayand and everything will be closed from afternoon 3 to 6 , so we had time till 1:30 pm to go and come back. 1 km steep uphill track on road , followed by another 300 meters mountain trekking with no life support , then followed by 100 feets of pure rope climbing, which we had to leave cauz of time constraint. but the beauty of place still grips the heart and soul. and i will upload loads and loads of pics tomm or day after


  1. dear deepak..
    its great to see uR blog
    very craetiV n colourful..
    pictuRes N wordings are miNd blowiN..
    i coulD feel N sense a graet persoN & a cariN frieNd in u
    iM glaD n lucky to hav U as my friEnd
    keep it up N keep flowiN

  2. If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.