Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Bday Friends

Come January and comes a host of birthdays .... from my friends and also in family.
Starts with Swati di on 3rd Jan , then Neha on 5th Jan ( meine kisi ko koi girt nahi diya ) .
Then Comes 15th Jan , mere sabse ache aur trusted friends ka circle ka bday start huwa ..

15th Rhythm -- most practical person on earth , my most trusted friend , and has stood with me in worst of times i have faced. I cant even re-count the number of times he has helped me out from difficult times. I will not forget him for rest of my life , and promise here in front of world , u r definitley one of the best friends ,... tere liye jaan bhi haazir hai dost.
Come 16th Jan , and its birthday of someone who i am scared to name , for the practical person she is and the way she treats you. She is a one of those who will always come priority in life. what i feel for her is nothing but true friendship. something i will never be able to speak and she will never be able to understand. She is in IIT now , and it has been over a year and a half I last saw her . didnt come this time around when i came to delhi.

Come 17th Jan , and its birthday of the person who brought me to this world. for this is the bitthday of my mother, the most special person for me in this world. whatever i am today is solely because of her,and mummy , i will always always love u forever.

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