Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Training in Infosys - kuch yaad aaya kisi ko

now this is complete set ....

Details of Royal Luxury .. words just cant do justice to these ... just to tell how infosys treats you

This is Infy Trio ----------------------- Aby , Andy , LuV GuRu ... for those who remember

aby(top) , andy ( 2nd pic) and me ( just over) at time when all were in mysore. I miss u both very very very much ....

Just like formal intro to any first topic ,let me start ... i joined the big family of infosys on 15th oct2004 , though formal introduction came only in 2005 , and became a member of huge , secure friendly college-professional institute Infosys in Oct 2005. The first four months in infosys was nothing but a very successful mission of making the people not only understanding what is professional attitude , and also shaping us to stand to the challenges the world and the company will throw upon us , and how to successfully conquer all such attempts. First thing i saw in infosys was Huge campus , the golf cart , the security .. and so so lively gardens. The greenery , the mountain lining visible from Infosys Main Gate will surely take anyone's breath away. The next thing that came to my view was a projected pyramid( a building i was going to spend most of my future time in). It looked like a beautiful building , i mean it is . Then next was a huge huge building , magnificient , took out my head and gazed in amazement , at the GEC building. you have to stand in there to understand the mammoth nature of the building. Then came the reception. Me , and anand were looking for a room together , but Setu and sid mishra got the final free room , and so i was given room number 934 and andy got 931.
So here were we looking in our future , went to my room , dumped everything. there was a meeting called in food court at 6pm , and there was some tea and coffee. we were asked to come next day at 8:30 am for the induction , and what .. hey bhagwan itni jaldi kaun uthta hai .. then came the next day . full of work , atleast we thought. But wait , i am still not over on first day.
In evening , Anand DVD ,me , gaurav arora, sumit bhatia , divya gupta and neha went on for a ride around infosys. Andy still remembers seeing me on bike ( dats cycle) with both hand off the handle and zooming in and out of infosys campus .... first day craze that lasts lifetime ...

And then we went to ECC Mysore , fundoo place , pool side , huge gym , bowling alley , Loyal World and TT courts. Baddy courts , volley ball courts , squash courts , Basketball , u name it and u get it . just at the back was a huge free space , big ground and SDBs visible. but not taking the straight route , we took the back door , and decided to go to FC-1 on bike. it was one of the biggest mistakes ( which was good). the route is too steep that it is feasible only to go there on motor bike , and not on bike.Whatever it was , it was a real fun ,and we had a good time together . Then anand and me sat till 1 am or more , talking non-sense about our future lives , and that whatever happens we will always be together in Infosys... whatever be the case ...
and then in deep moon-light , wonderful ambience , we just drew to our separate rooms and slept. Next blog on first 2 days of induction.
Please drop in smilies ( comments) here. The pics below are of room we saw most of our F1 races in infosys .

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  1. Anand DVD, Rythm Divine, Deepak and all ...Our seniors...have been very fine people always....Cheers to all of them! I just saw your Infosys Pics...amazing yaar!
    Great going guys...
    Ashish Ahuja.