Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year -2

Pic on the Left is the View From the Balcony of the room we shared in Wainaad ... and guess , what could be the price for a room attached to such a lovely background .. Rs 60/Night ..
and above is me ,,,.. right in nature's view ... abhi abhi so ker utha hoon ... pic le le zara ...

and belive me ... the rooms were not so bad . and below is my shameless partner ... who took the only blanket provided .. dekho kaise muskura raha hai .. like a 10 headed person who won a battle of toot-brush over teeth by winning the lobe blanket ... See , 60Rs / night , and the owner said something in mallu tongue , that he will give one blanket per room , and we understood something else .. I ( not we ) repented later , as my friend took the blanket .
The blanket also was having holes , so he repented later in the night ..

On left is the bed .. dont look at it in inspection mode , there is only one blanket ...

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