Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wedding of my cousin

hmmm ... a little late for blogging and a long time since i did so . losing my nokia N73 was a major reason , and i accept it . It was the best thing to happen to me , till it was stolen, other than my engg , and my job , and my family , and friends .. few things which can't be stolen ....

Well blogging this time to cherish one of the greatest moments .. i went home , back to delhi on Jan 20 2007 ,,.. .the occassion , my cousin sister's wedding. the day of glory was 23rd of 1stmonth of year 0f 2007.
My flight was on morning of 20th jan , and as usual , it took off after a delay of 1 and a half hour , and reached delhi , to be greeted on airport by my mom and two cousins. Well , with a typical beard , and long hair , my mom was not very happy with the look i carried , a typical mafia one ...well , if she did not approve , it had to go , and all my styles , which only i think looked cool , were off .
well , then i was off to the home where marriage was due .. and it indeed looked like one .. so many ppl flocking around , and having a blast ...
i went back home , and met the most beautiful diamond in my life , my sister . Well she was not at all in holidaying mood , as was going to have her semester exams from the next week.
Then there was a lot of shopping in the air , and moving about here and there and telling tales from bangalore and mysore. Then it was time , and i dont know when those 3 days vanished in thin air and the day of marriage came. the marriage was arranged in a farm house , and all arrangements were complete.
the bride looked like an angel as she is , and the groom , most handsome of them all. What more i can say , the wedding seemed really to be arranged in heaven , as the happiness can be seen on both the bride and groom .....
for all i can say is touchwood , and remember this song from movie dhadkan as she came to the wedding ceremony . ..

"Shehnaaiyon ki sada keh rahi hai
Khushi ki mubaarak ghadi aa gayi hai
Saji surkh jodi mein chaand si dulhan,
Zameen per Falak Se Pari aa Rahi Hai"
Here's the couple i was boasting for such a long time .... deepak and anjali .
And would I be doing injustice if i forget to have Ravi in the frame. With good sense of humour and rocking the party whole night long , he is brother of the groom ..

And brother of the bride , the paala paala bacha , srikant ... Looks cool na

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  1. Hi Bro... thanks yaar..,. that blog was so good..and made me too emotional... u are very special brother... always be happy dear.. :)