Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mitesh's Onsite Party

this post is dedicated to Mitesh Pravin Vartak(above) , a true and another good friend , another gain from infosys. How can i dare to forget how the boring Saturdays in ECC when Mitesh would turn up every saturdays , much to fury of my another very good friend , Mitra , who preferred a more private life. But as always , Mitesh brings with him a smile , a beam of ray to hope your day up , and off course my lone source of washing the clothes :) .

But i have known him since 10Oct 2005 , where we first met. I really dont recollect how exactly we met , it i am sure of DJ's connection in that. Also came with Mitesh was Lalit and Pallavi's friendship. Hey hey , me getting into too many names , seems i wont be completing my blog ever. But yes Mitesh has been associated with most bad luck ( other than Onsite , like washing all sins in sacred Ganges at once) . From losing to mobile phone , which i often mockered about but then going through the same fate .
Mitesh has been one of my good friends in infosys and is currently in Swizterland .

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