Thursday, May 24, 2007


Till last year , my greatest debacle in terms of seeing a waterfall was aby falls, not cauz it was not good but may be because it just fell short of expectations i had carried from the reviews of the people around here. But this time around , there was neither an expectation neither we got anything. The curprit --- the girl in red. Not that she might have drank the entire waterfall , oops , i forget to tell you that it is waterless waterfall , atleast , the time of year it was planned was nothing but a failure .. Khair , the pics are very good and can be deceiving for all , even us .. but all thanks to the wonderful Kodak Digicam of Sameer ...

Now Chunchi falls , or the Great fall .. was full of sand dust and .. rocks .. expecting water .. not stand a chance for it till it is your own sweat .. .. and we could see traces of water atleast a Km away if not less. While coming to Chunchi falls , we saw a lavish Gate which said "chunchi falls 5 Kms " but an elderly lady sitting there told there is a dead end and there is another enterance. We dont know if there was a dead end but one thing is sure , we went in mazes and loops and again saw huts and villages which were nothing but seemed that we have transpired in time to a back date , say mediveal times. All mouses made of hay , grass and mud. all doors shut and like a colony of ants just trampled by mischevious gang of children. With none to ask for directions and relying heavily on senses and boards, we finally reached The Great fall .This is me standing at the deepest accessible place there . the other straight route we left was actually the correct one :) but when the day is not your way , it really is not .

Below is image of what we supposed to be hosting a plentiful of snakes sleeping warmly in depth of mother earth. But vipuls' grandpa stopped me from doing that, and Sameer's all intention of the wonderful weekend went in vain .

below are few pics of Chunchi fall disaster , and i dont think any one will disagree ... see the wicked smile on sameer's face here ( green t-shirt )


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