Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Makedattu Bus Trip

Now this is a sincere request to all people please do not take these pics as the fun we had. These pics will actually deceive all of you to believe that we had a very very good time in makedattu. but mark my words, you will not like to be in the situation we were. After coming out from warm water, and legs stuck with sand on the ground burning as a hot iron utensil kept on gas. Most smiles in most of the pics in this trip are due to that magical word which is said before taking pics -- CHEESE ....

The fare of the bus to move from Sangam to Makedattu hardly 4 Kms was too high, and i was thinking only my company buses are cutting the pockets. you will see a few pics of first class road connecting makedattu to sangam.
Above are grandpa and grandmom of vipul , who showered love on all of us , and we really had a great time with them. Started to live a life for the brief time they were in bangalore. We had a great time. Really somethings just can't be expressed in words , and this is one such feeling. Just a void when they left to delhi with vipul.

These are wild animals left open in the bus. From left , Ashish , Vipul , ever smiling (coolest of them all) sameer , and yes .. dumbest of them all ... Meee... At this point we are sitting in fooly AC bus , with world class shockers .. till date holding it in hands . Below are two pics of the wonderful connecting road .

Above pic is the evidence of the route , which was most of the times bumpy and got dangerous at places. With sun burning us , this bus ride was hot and humid.
Above pic was probably the best stretch of road. well , since blog was dedicated to bus ride between sangam and final destination, i will take a leave , and come back with makedattu experiences soon .. :)

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