Thursday, May 24, 2007


What Happens when A herd of Mad Eye Moodies refuse to bend to the nerves and go for impossible ... It ends in something good ... but the May 13 2007 was surely not a day to remember or cherish. However Dont mistake it from pics ... I am going to split the Day of 13th May as always in parts ... as the space is always a constraint... This time we had another reason to cheer. We were going under the blessing of Vipul's grandparents, with whom I had my best times atleast in bangalore. With the quality of food to the love that was showered on us for the stay in Bangalore could not be expressed in words. So the journey started from our Place in Bangalore HSR layout. The journey was planned to start early in the day at 6:00 AM where the person who arranged the trip was to join, but she declined at the final moment. So we finally had the cab coming to us at 8 AM and to pick another friend , we had to travel lengthwise across the other end of bengalooru. we waited for her for 20 min , and then the journey started . already delay was over 4 hours. Then we decided to stop for a wonderful breakfast at a place in bangalore. This is the time when we started off to makedatu , but Rizana insisted to visit Chunchi falls first ... so we all decided to reach the place. My God , the route to chunchi falls went through all the villages in the world and the roads to die for ... please take take it too optimistically :) Then we went to Chunchi falls ... finally reached ... Will write at length about wonderful chunchi falls next ..

We all going for the wonderful breakfast ....

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