Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Memories Continue To haunt

hi all ,
I am back to where i was ... another year on my existence on Earth is going to complete and i am again haunted by the memories .. . .. these are times when we were just out of training and our close friends had to part and scatter. Like a packet full of sweets , and delibrately torn apart ... we all fell apart .. some in pune , some in hyderabad ... and some in other companies .. but that strong bond we defined and developed in training gels us even today, and will continue to come in this blog for a long time now ... so friends ... u might be away or far .. here is someone who will always be there to salute and celebrate the SPIRIT of FRIENDSHIP ... for now and forever ...
Aby Sagar and Anand (from left to right)
There is a Ranji trophy going at the back and both Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were supposed to come , and there was a real good enthu between friends but neither of the two showed ....

Anand and Sagar -- at staircase of ampithreatre where we had lots and lots of parties .. DJ nights and mastii ..

Sagar , Me and Aby... had a real good time baked in the sun then ....

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