Monday, May 28, 2007


After Chunchi falls we went to Sangam , which seemed to be full of water , fun and joy. but our destination was makedattu. So we decided we will make a move and not stop here , but then we came to know that to go to makedattu , we need to cross the river and go to other side to catch a bus and go afead. the water which seemed to be very inviting , was warm , and not so happening. Then we had to take off the shoes and this was worst part as the sand on the banks was dirty and very very hot , and stones were like red hot. Still there was a lot more to come. and we decided to play in water for a later time ( which eventually will be the climax to the otherwise dull and lifeless trip). In the picture below, i tried and succedeed to dig my legs atleast a foot in sand.

In the Picture below, we are still not going in water and decide to move into it at a later stage . Here is Me in yellow, sameer in green and Vipul in white. and behind us is Sangam

Sangama is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Kaveri(Cauvery), but this can be enjoyed most in times of rains when these rivers flourish in water. April May is certainly not the time for the same , but yes in case you wanna take revenge from any your friends, this is the best time to guide them and get them sun tanned , and baked in hot sun. If that is not enough , they will not see any modern or urban areas for 80Km radius , and in just case something happens, there can not be any assistance for a long time. There were a lot of other pictures also taken at the occassion but i really dont have courage to revive the memories of the same, so guys , please pardon me for not posting other pics here. But yes , next makedattu is right there on the cards.

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