Friday, August 24, 2007

Chak De !! The Movie

So much Hype about the movie ... and worth it . SRK doesnt look to lose charisma. He comes to screen , loses a win and still goes ahead with it. There were so many ifs and buts in the movie ...
but one thing that took me was -- "ek galti ka bojh kitna zyada hota hai , aur tum dono usse utha nahi paogi".
there are so many times this has happened , a small mistake and friendship teared apart like a revolting house under fierce of Katrina ( hurricane). One still hurts me is my friendship with Vaishnavi. She was one of the friends i thought i will be friends forever. she was very intelligent, very good looking and above all , she would tirelessly listen to me for so long and give a solution. But then a blunder and all changed. We are to a position where strangers are better treated. Well how it hurts to lose a friend is more painful than to lose a love. I was able to associate Chak De with so many instances , but one thing that was missing in the movie was frienship. The way players were a team is good , but shud have small incidences of being friends and team forever.

Second incidence when SRK is rubbing his silver medal .. " ghiss ghiss ke is chandi ke tambe ko sona ka banane ki koshish ker raha hoon , ki kal kahin agar bechna pad jaaye to daam to ache mile" ( am rubbing this silver medal to try to convert to gold , in case i am in such rags that i need to sell it , i should get a good price for it ) . So many times it happens to us that we are just there , just there and miss it. Then we repent it for ages. and a consolation price is just a constant spear to injuries , to remind not that u were second , but u lost , and u were second to someone . Someone was better than what u r and what u were , and to live with it ....
very difficult ....

but the movie was very very good.

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