Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 2 - Kodai

Here what happened was most unexpected . It was a sucide point , and i was fearing whether mamaji would allow to go till the end, and he lead. If i was most impressed by anyone in the journey , it had to be him. His aggression , urge to visit all places, with safety as utmost concern. He was the one who got this tour bus planned , and was leading everywhere. With an enthu not to miss anything, we explored Kodai like nomads. The path to this place was not at all easy ,with algae all around , slippery stones and no predefined path. And top of it ,no fencing at all ..

Above you can see all, it was easy to stand at place, but difficult to get down. but once at the place,it was indeed an eye candy for the natural beauty of the place stuck again.

After that spot we went to see the Devil's rock ,and the Devil's kitchen and i was sure to find some of friends there,but alas the govt has fenced the place and we cud not really go inside. There was a good scary story guide told us about the place, which i will tell in my next post , devoted to devil's kitchen

From one side of forest to other, and so many trees , and not a single snake or wild animal , i thought this jungle ride was not at all exciting. only passing through the trees and trees , and the route so clear ,as if laid down for visitors only.

where does this path lead us , here is Sri doing some soul searching in deep jungles , and one thing he regretted wearing sandals ,as the path became slippery on more than one occasions , but the raised foot seldom stopped , and this time it was we leading. A lot of crack jokes in jungle , and sri trying to find a new way .. man Stop for guide as the path split in two , and we had to wait. one more thing , sri would take big big steps , and sit en route or wait ....

See, this was diversion part i was talking about . the lady in yellow is going the correct path and one cud believe there must be some other sigh seeing down this part as this path also seemed to be very well travelled , as one may see.

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