Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 2 Kodaikannal again

Here in Pine Forests we find our hunk trying to lift the entire pine tree , and believe me pine trees are not that heavy , i also had a hand , but think that was not captured. though sri was able to lift the tree a few cms , then eventually decided not to disturb the balance of the jungle,and so left it there and then .

Below is the misty pic of one of the times , when the guide scared us that the trip might be in jeopardy ,in case it starts raining , as the area might not be safe. thankfully, this cloud cover came for a few minutes , as we experienced ourselves in clouds ..akka top of the world. Hazed , still unfazed , the trip is going great guns

Above is what u can see , there is just a deep valley , no fencing , and stones also slippery.
If one look closer at the image to the right , u will see people have removes sandals so as to to avoid any caser of slip that may be possible.

See the sunlight comes just in time as our smiles , for the trip will continue till evening , till our batteries die down , and we sleep off peacefully in coziness of the beds.

Below is the pic when this place was covered with fog , and then came something , Sunlight , what else . One can just see the difference what sun makes , in the lowermost pic , which was taken nearly at the same time as this one , a few minutes later the sun came and shone in full glory. See the image above for how the fog diminished in matter of minutes .

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