Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Do You Really Believe In God (only if u r free)

Do i really dont believe in god, or that he cease to exist for a non-existent being. for the success of those we describe as luck, can be a metaphor of God coming and helping. have i not ,on regular basis seeked his help for all that i think is not only improbable,but mayb impossible. do i not remember him daily before i start my work. even if he does not exist, why do i join my hands and put my head down to sky when there is a result expected of near and dear ones. He comes to you when you need him , or u realise it only in time of need. he is one of those , who lives as a King above us .. he is one of those who will answer the prayers even if u dont fold your hands. he can change your mood , your perception of life , just like that. He is like time, or time is him. What is considered most powerful healer, the time... the God ... for all those 14 years in school when we used to stand in burning sun, praying for God , i never felt a need. Just a waste of time, still i consider it so, but there needs to be someone that has to imbibe in us, the fear of unknown. The fear of most powerful , the fear of time , fear of God .. but wasting time should not be considered weakening the God ... because we all join to become the almighty... and it is the weakest link that breaks .. and for that is GOD. to come to heal you at the time when we all think its over.

Some say GOD is power, sheer agression , an emotion , a feeling , something that can never be wrong. why is it that god be always combined with divine powers. His combination with ability to do something perfect. There is a friend of mine who thinks God is perfection. Something you want to look upto when in crisis. Some say God is in you ,but that is what all says .. god is everywhere.God is perception that he is perfect, something in there that is perfect.

Then there was a very nice reply from one of my friends , God is dependable. but is god really dependable, he can also fail,or can he not. for if the existence of God is a reality so must be existence of devil. so can he fail in situations most unexpected .

I dont know whether he exists or not , whether making humans was his greatest mistakes , or humans making God .. but there is something , some supernatural power , that when preached upon give one confidence , the power , the consolance.

If you ask me , God is Faith .. faith which has to stand tall amist all the blunders , amist all the dreadful sins, amist all that one dare not.. believe me ... There is GOD .. and you gonna believe me .. even though i dont believe in God as of now , But very soon , this gotta change ..

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