Friday, August 10, 2007

For Have I Changed

there are times in life when you are bound to ask yourself. Are the things going right , correct and in a pre defined manner. the way you would expect it to be. But life is really not like water , which takes shape of the vessel it is poured in, instead life shows resistence. the emotions squeeze out like water from the sponge , and one has to control these , failing to do so will show , not to the world but to the few , that there is a deep problem.
Its the Friends , who eventually help each other lubricate in friction situations, one friend after the other , all uniting as the spokes of wheel to make it circular , and the faith , trust and understanding help them move through this journey of life. The better the friends , the faster the speed, but in speed one must not forget that we still are same friends. Sometimes , few friends might consider themselves as superior, or mayb inferior to the other person. then in both the cases , it is a duty of true friends to go up , and tell the other friend .
It has been long 24 years in life , and i have had friends from each section, that may be peers , seniors and juniors , and it all boils down to one aspect, a single question which if answered correctly and honestly to oneself will help to get the thing one aspired for ...Ask yourself , am i true friend ...
i dont say the above answer in denial ,but there have been times when i have cried with friends when unable to wipe the tears off , smiled and laughed in situations when each single nerve in me wanted to cry. I dont say i can be best friend to someone , because that is a comittement too big , i dont say i have been friends to anyone till date. Its more like give and take relationships , when u give happiness and recieve your share .
It has been a real pain for me to understand , i still dont understand what is friendship. I never understood the statement "No thanks , no sorry in friendship" , rather i wud ask my friends ' dont say thank u , cauz if sum of the other friend forget to say thanks, i must not feel bad'.

The attitude towards life changes due to certain factors. Sometimes u are vry happy , and find something that gives a complete 180 degrees to your emotions.
i know i have failed in many of my recent friendships , expecting much more than i should. I have certainly gone greedy , trying to give 200% of me , and expecting the same in return. Few people in my life , and all know everything about me.
On last count , 14 people know what is going in my life , and only 2 of them can really tell , something is wrong. And of these , there is still one , who came upto me to tell me ...
Friend Wait ... You are going in wrong direction , and i dont give a damn about it , and i want all the crap scrapped right away .
Somethings in life deserved a royal paint , and you are one of those ..

this post is dedicated to all the ppl who read the scrap before it was deleted due to obvious reasons

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