Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For So Long Avoided The Words ....

It has been a real long journey in the world , with 24 years to my backing . with so many different things that happened .. with so many feeling , with so many occassions .. .and here i am sitting to pen down each memory that ever was .. for i wish to live ... long time , big time ... to be there once i am no more .. i still want a lone wanderer to know , to share to feel the excitement , the differnce in similarities .. the miraculaous escapes .. the things kept to my heart .. am going to pen down each and every thing , from losing a rat race in KG to winning a battle of pro's . to study in a closed room to have masti big time with my friends ..
from seeing my siblings grow bigger, bolder and me on the other side of rich getting richer ...
with my luck so used by others , and how it eluded me .. for all i have to all i dont have... its all coming down soon .. and its only words , i will be playing with

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