Friday, August 31, 2007

Hey Babby - hell of a movie

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Last night i went to see Hey babby with my room mate, and Akshay Kumar , Booman irani and such a star cast, i thought this will be a good one. The movie started like jet rocket . Too Funny , too good... the baby came , they loved it , they hated it .. but then all of a sudden , it lost interest. Became too predictable. Jokes old ones, Comic timings missing. I would have thought of akshay with sunil shetty and rajpal yadav as ideal starcast. The movie is worth seeing on a rented VCD or borrowed from a friend ( if someone is really so fool to buy ), but then there were some real good hilarious scene.
Like one in which Fardeen is driving at tortoise pace, and one in starting when Angel comes ... thats it . All good scenes of movie were shown in promo / trailers and there is not an additional extra scene to be watched on the hall
Please dont ask me to write about vidya balan , the most pathetic overacting in the movie is done by her. Her looks resembles that of Rani Mukherjee, but changing clothes wont get u an attitude and acting like Rani .. I saw her , and saw Rani in her , and what an insult. Vidya who has acted so so well in so many movies, was like fardeen acting in "Prem Agan".
Booman and Akshay were totally wasted in the movie, real talent lost.
I will gladfully rate the movie as 2.5/5 , and Sajid should be happy. i considered 2/5 , but 0.25 for akshay and 0.25 for SRK extra ...
makes it 2.5/5

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