Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Infosys Bangalore

Every day i step out of my house to Infosys, i am greeted with loads of traffic and death defying Hosur Road, where the traffic eats the hell out of you. But then as i enter my Infosys Campus, i feel like being in warmth care of life. There is a sense of freedom, of responsibility, and above all , of security. The friends here dont change like climate, which is better than the best most of the times. The climate in bangalore is better off than in mysore and much better than in delhi. The cloud cover for 23 hours a day, a mild drizzle daily , and heavy downpour every other day may make the driving a living hell, but the climate wins over you. You are pleased in more than one easy ways to let you believe, this is best place to be in. Till now i have advocated Mysore as the best place to be, but here in bangalore .. the climate is just awsome. Here is a place which can be day and night at same time. The people having mentality of like "I love walking in rain as none sees me crying", for them also , this is the best place. Below is a set of two identiacal pics, one with Fateh ( bindass banda) and one without. Both these pics were taken within difference of seconds, and the visibilty in the latter dropped down. The picture at top is one of my favourites , the sun and clouds playing with ease and like small kids ... i win u win ...

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  1. wow im really jealous...
    delhi sucks at the moment...:(