Sunday, August 12, 2007

kodai Day 2 contd

Continuing the day two was this as the first thing .. the pine forests. when i first heard , i though it must be something proper forests , but they were just trees and trees. So tall , so tell , that yr caps are bound to fall in case u wanna see the top. seemes to me as planted in rows and rows together, these pine forsets didnt seem to have real tough , only because of the symmetry they exhibit as above, cause in forest one expect to be grwoing here and there.

Above is again Sri and Mamaji , and the hosts of people swarming the area

i think Sri will take most of my share in this blog , but i mind not as I spent lot of good time with this fun loving , and ever sporty fellow. Below is one of a million natural beauties we met in Kodai , really a place to be ....

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