Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kodaikannal Trip -1st day

I have always wanted to visit few places in South , which even though did not had a chance to go for past 2 years in South. and as i play my final innings in South India , there is one thing , i am pretty sure about . I love the climate here , and come downtown anytime , but definitely not on long term basis, never again. This time i had a trip planned to kodaikanal , and with my mamaji ,mamiji and Srikant coming to visit bangalore , and spend sometime with me. It was the stay with them one of the most beautiful times i had spend in bangalore. As per the plan , i had booked a cab from Amrit Travels, Bangalore. But the driver did not showed up at expected time of 7AM, and it was indeed most embarrasing for me. To be in this situation , then me and mamaji went on bike to book a fresh cab. And that with immediate requirement, it was not easy. The trip was delayed by over 4 hours , and this is what defined the remaining journey as in hurry and fast paced , stopping at places enough to soak the natural beauty in minds, soul and freshen ourselves from those boring java files .

The picture above is just the starting of the journey which was more than 1200Kms in 5 days across South India. The climate was just fine , and the ambience in car was great. The journey was long ,longer , longer .. kodaikannal was more than 500Kms , and that too cover the same in daylight was a big mistake. The only thing we did in first day was sleep , waiting to get close. each milestone seems to read the same distance. I always considered south will show up many good surroundings, but from bangalore to kodaikannal was nothing but a barren land sort, and it got more and more boring over the day. at dusk , we reached a view point.

By the time the driver annouced there is something is there to visit , we sprang in happiness, and without any care for the shabby hairstyle or sleepy looks , jumped out of the doors in the mid way to kodai , the place that will shelter us for 2 more nights to come. Below is the pic , and u can see me with Srikant ( believe me , over this period i will tell something about this nice chap and nice chapter he had it with me). else his hair are always fine , and this pic should be considered a rare when u can see sri's hair dishevelled , and this is not because he did not comb it , but because the air currents were too strong. There is also an associated video at this place which will be uploaded shortly but available only for personal friends.

And then we proceeded to Kodaikannal , there was a proposal to stop and stay in between and cover the remaining distance of 30 Kms uphill next morning , but this was rejected by all , as this will mean wasting an entire day, and this proved to be correct decision , and then we got a cottage with ease and bargained to get it at nominal rate , the rooms big , large , economical and had a TV set with cable facility, and i will not at all in first post tell why this was necessary. Then we had a dinner nearby , and watched TV and slept silently in cosy rooms ....Second day blog will be lot better , lots of more expeiences and more pics to share .

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