Monday, August 27, 2007

Shelton Grand Hotel, Church Street Bangalore

on August 26,2007 , i happen to have an dinner with Mr. Pankaj Jindal ( VP, Aditi Staffing) , and some of his friends. The venue for the party was The Bar Code, one of the four resturants offered by the Shelton Grand. Once i reached the place, the ambience was typical mystic. Low Lights, nicely placed tables ,well groomed waiters and real bet for a five star ( it is 4 star was known later to me ). It was at first floor where the host of the party sat. So i joined three other cool cool guys. Pankaj , Harneet , Mr Verma. And they really spoke the hearts out. It was yesterday, when i realised the people at the top of ladder are same as we are today , only they have some extra bucks. They also pull each other's leg , give idiotic fundas and the incidents they share were most intersting part. The places they have been to , the way they enjoyed and the idea of life these people project. The waiters would come now and then and ask for order. Verma sir would now and then call the waiter ,"idhar aa" (come here) , though it was more of us smiling over the stint. Overall , the service was very good, and definitely not too costly. The only thing that was pathetic was possibly the wash room, which was in a very bad state. Overall , there was a lot of masti and it was a great way to start the week ahead. i will rate this one as 3.5/5 .

Location: From amoeba to brigade road ,on the other side of amoeba.

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