Friday, August 10, 2007

The Times Have Changed And So Must you

It has been a real long journey through life, and living in most optimistic terms, i stand close to complete a quater of my life next year. And believe me , it was till 12th i was in shell , which broke loose with time. I wanted to tell something about my darjeeling trip, but jsut changed my mind. Lets start with me, most of my friends know i am jolly , freak and most weird person on earth. may b good at heart, may b good friend, a true one ... but just a friend . and i am in bad habit of making best friends. i still strongly believe you can know a thousand faces , a million names , but those who are friends are rare. talking someone , helping someone is not friendship. Friendship is when scolding for wrong things, when praising for right things and sometimes scolding for right things. To know who yr heart says iz yr friend is really not that difficult. a friend says something which if any other person would have said , you will not feel good , but with friends it becomes light mood. Friends are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled pack of wolves who keep on attacking each other .. one who on face says .. "u again , how the hell u escaped that erratic bus" , and still having a finger crossed and thanking God for safety of the friend .
Friend dont leave u in distress , so shud also not be left in hapiness .. Friends multiply the smiles and Square the cries.
One such incident happened in my life when i was giving my semester exams. I as usual relied highly on kanika to answer the questions,but she was seating atleast 2 rows from where i sat. And the combination of seating arrangement was so pathetic (best ) that there no college person from my college in my immediate surrounding. the First day i realised it will be going to be tough time passing these exams and i will really have to fool the examiner in first exam , and study really well in remaining. my idea of perfect 80% was lost , and what remained was a slight hope of passing. And there she sat behind me , an unknown girl from an unknown college, but the looks told she was definitely a topper. I tried asking her once or twice about some answer , but each time i looked back, the big specs , and the way she looked , i was damn sure she will tell the examiner, so never asked. Then in fluid mechanics , i dont know where i got the power and just asked her .. if u wanna tell tje examiner tell , but tell me the answer to a particular question, and the way she helped me was she allowed me to peep in her answer book , and i thankfully passed. One more thing , i never asked that girl anything in remaining exams. For a few close friends know her , and I still cherish those times ... This was not end of our meeting , and we met again , and that will come sometime later. But for Anand , Rhythm please dont guess the names ,u are a few ppl other than the girl who know whom i am talking now ..

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