Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wanna Show Colour To the Blind

Wanna show the colors to the blind ,
With the agony and misery in the world he may find,
The deep colors of blood so red he might say ,
The prosperity and growth lost in the industrial age ,
And flying golden fields so yellow he might say ,
When the people struggled and lived in peace,
With oceans so dangerous make the sky blue he might say,
For the noise so harsh all around the ears he drop,
Look like the black color of his life he might say
And I wanna show the color to the blind.

The World will Change my friend so soon so stern,
For love showered on us will be Red so deep living is fun,
No more hunger deaths will bring back yellow as face of sun ,
And live in harmony like never before blue will be color of peace,
Noise turns into music as care will be showered and black is no longer black,
For One Day I will Show the Color to the Blind ,
And will I Show it the Way I like my Friends to see it …

Please Comment if u liked it or not :) ...


  1. Good one... been better if continued with a different theme of the person asking you to send him back to where he was...

  2. I really enjoyed it. I do have one question as to the meaning of this line:

    "The prosperity and growth lost in the industrial age"

    Do you mean that given the prosperity and growth we are lost in the industrial age; or that prosperity and growth themselves are lost in the industrial age?