Monday, August 20, 2007

Yo China !!!!

This Sunday just sitting after a few hiccups , one of my friends Fateh called over for dinner. The venue decided was Yo India [ I mean Yo china , and this is because Sameer said it to be Yo India and Fateh Called back asking where Yo India was , though it was Yo China (thanks to Natasha for pointing this out )], and it was to be my 3rd Chinese Resturant i will be to. Located in Kormangala 8th block , bangalore. The easy way to go there is take the road from Reliance Fresh, and this road leads to Yo china , on right hand side.
Now the party people , Fateh , Tarveen , Natasha , Sameer ... The time 930 PM. We were at the place on time ,but had to wait 5 min to get a seat. This place has a two storey serving space. Fateh decided to go up and have the food , but when we reached there , we were told that the service will be slow and we should take the ground floor only. So we sat there. The food was ordered , Dimsums , colas , combos and masti. The service was toooo slow , but the food was fantastic , tasty yummy and delicious. Dont know whether it was so good , but one thing is for sure , the friends are what make the food so tasty. In last Choc brownie ... yummy ...
frankly i have been to Shanghai ( Mysore) Rest. , and that seems to me still half a point better.
As for me , i will rate it to be 4/5 in my personal opinion.

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