Friday, September 7, 2007

Bike Lift

Today was something different in air. A freshness , something seemed in air ... and there was me .. on roads of Bangalore. The Climate as always cool , and music banging loudly in my ears , and Boomanhalli junction fully freee .. not a single jam ... and there i saw on junction , an infoscion standing alone. And i dont know what happened , offered her a lift. Obviously she didnt look into my face, and my I-Card was more than sufficient for her to sit on bike. And after that incident that happened last Friday, today i drove with utmost care, though zig-zag is now a way of life. The bike reached 100 and the girl pressed my shoulders, as i slowed down. Then we ended up in Infosys, she said thanks , and i welcome. She never saw my face , and i have a bleak memory of the same. But in many ways , it was lady luck in the morning , which will guide the rest of the day :)

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