Monday, September 17, 2007

The Great Falls ....

These hogennakal falls have been second good falls i have seen in south India. Suchipara falls in Wayand had the distinct distinction of being the best falls in The place. But Kempty Falls are the best. Well , this was second time i was viewing a waterfall from top of the waterfall, and not from the bottom where is real beauty is encountered. In the pic below , Sameer ( in red ) is sitting on edge of rock balancing miraculously on the wet rock. The water we see just by our side is very very deep , and this is no doubt the most dangerous waterfall in India or Asia .

And below are all happy faces , after the Chunchi falls episode when there was not a blade of rain. but here there was water , and deep deep water . and all were so happy to be a part of the same. And we had to travel a lotta distance on foot also.

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