Monday, September 10, 2007

hogenakkal falls

This time We Decided to go to the falls taking our time. So here were five of us going to party , and believe me , its a really awsome place to be. It all started with pledge previous night to get up early for trip , but its Sunday guys , and who cares... and it was already 730 when somebody woke up. chalo guys lets get ready for hogenakkal ... and there was a call from Fateh , we will be there in 10-15 minutes. At 830 ok , lets do it . By the time breakfast was ready, phone rang. Fateh forgot the path to the place. Chalo , then had to go and take him. He was angriest of lot , seeing me still in casuals... hehehee ... trick to send cab first to his place worked.
The Masti Starts -
Now in less than 20 min we are all ready , packed bags to the most dangerous waterfalls in asia, claiming more lives than any other fall in india. The Sumo started with Buzzzzz...... and off we were to a thrilling end to a roller coaster week , which saw some people moving out of life from behind the doors , some friends who never were .... and some people who will always be there.
Songs Played loudly , and Sumo rolled the roads like the bus in the song "We are going to Ibiza by venga boys" ... loud cheers , close calls , and bangalore traffic.
Kasam se The Driver was constantly honking , and even though we asked him a lot of times not to honk . I will this time start with photographs and tell some masti incidents ...

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