Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hogenakkal Falls

Water Water EveryWhere , and The Boards did Shrink ,
Water Water Everywhere ,and Not a Drop to Drink.
This is how i can best explain the Falls , far from shore and moving to the other part in the most primitive boats those existed. The Round circular wooden boat coated with charcoal on the other side, was means of transport for two sides of falls we saw. The First Pic is of water which the person rowing the boat claimed to be 30-50 feet , which we doubt was deeper.

Below is the first phase of trip , when we just sat down and had a cool time. We were adjusted to most primitive boat in some calculations to balance the boat and we were off in the boat. Dwindling and shifting , and wach time Fateh would shift , wud leave the navigator tense , and finally Fateh put his head back in comforting posture.

This is commercialisation , shops on the boat. from Fanta to Chips to biscuits u just name it , and they have it. And in middle of river , thinking of sea pirates , and there is no way u can escape, for land in sight was too far. And then this person came and tried to do his business, but sorry we had snacks with us ...

Can you See the Shop Boat , but can u C anyone navigating it ... seems Jack Sparrow from POC is driving it ...

And finally another shopper's Stop , though i dont prefer to use that name , cauz it has deep memories in bangalore , not mine .. no no ..

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