Monday, October 29, 2007

Dinner @ SummerKhand , Bangalore

This was my second last night in Bangalore and we decided to go for a grand dinner , and it was hard venue to decide. And it was getting harder with some of us wanting to party all night , or go on to some dics. But this was just in planning when Fateh decided to go to Samarkhand. Now where is this samarkhand , and we are off to wikimapia.
Directions to Place: From Kumble Circle ( MG Road) , go straight , and from second cut take Right. just after first cut u will see the place. Do refer to Wikimapia .
Then at 730 when we were in our places , we called Fateh to be informed the tables are booked at 8:30 and no where we cud have reached in time , and we rushed to get ready. finally losing the way to Kumble Circle and made a few wrong one ways and finally reached the place , safe and sound. Then we partied there. The starters were superb and nearly filled the stomach , and then we went ahead to have our dinner and desserts ... But it was a night to remember with funs , jokes and most important, My last masti moment in MG Road Bangalore , atleast for that period.
and i am not at all enthusiastic to move back to blore once more , one stint with this death defying city is more than enuf for me .


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