Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hogenakkal Falls

It has been nearly a month when the group of 5 people travelled 150+ Kms to the most dangerous waterfalls in Asia . and believe me , they are. One single mistake can cost a life , but whats life without risk will also fail you. Morning was cool with people pouring in house , and sharing the breakfast. Then it was our turn to rock. We passed through Tamil Nadu Karnataka border to reach one of the finest outing I had in south. Possibly the place was not that bad , but the road surely was full of rides. and we had to keep the honking a habit as we reached the place. and the time u enter the place , u are flocked with a hundred thousand people offering you something you dont even understand. and then they will start fighting with each other in Tamil , and we just start to think , was the decision to come here "Right". Then the Sumo was parked and we went in for the ride. With fishes all around , and smell of deep frying make your stomach go hungry. But what followed was a ride in sun , unlike the makedattu falls these were cool. Lots of water all around us , sometimes as deep as 90 feet. And we had a real scare when the canopy grudged against a rock in the lake and it seems must have had some real injury to the same. But the boatman assured us that nothing is wrong and all is going on in a perfect manner . The fun of Hogannakal fallls is there in other posts in the same blog, with some cool videos and pics. Go and explore the world full of danger and risk

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