Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Days in Bangalore

My last week in bangalore was an eventful one , and there was a lot of uncertainities that were always there. There was an element of extreme hapiness on leaving the Death City, and that i will never have to drive on that Blood sucking , horror full Hosur Road , and the death defying stunts. No more wud i be risking my life twice a day on road , and miraculously living for yet another day.
And Then there was a deep pain in me , for this city has given me some of the best moments and friends one may desire. The list ( not on priority ) starts with Sameer ( so many things to share with this guy , he is by far the most special ) , Fateh ( jaan Blore ki ) , Nattu , Sudesna , Hrishi ( i miss u yaara ) , Mitra ( ECC aur sukh dukh ka saathi) , Bala (kya swimming chaloge), Underscore S ( Prashanth) , Kavita ( surprise packet) , Ramya (Meri Blore mein sabse achi dost , and share most of my secrets), Deepa (learned most from her and will be always an inspiration till rest of my life), Sobin (bully bro , who told me exactly when to shut up , still elarning) , anika , melvin , sandeep ( likh diya) , hemant ( yeh masterpiece tha , isko nahi bhool sakta) , Sudesna ( meri gym ki inspiration ) , Krishna ( in my last days in infy and became very gud friend ) , Manish agarwal( Cool type banda) .. the list might go on unending , and i might append it soon ... If i missed yr name , mayb u r still in ma heart ... be there and be safe.
Then for some time i cherished all the Infosys Bangalore , so beautiful , so huge , so charming ... believe me once in blore DC u will fall in love with the place , and the day i said audieu , it hurt right there to leave the place.
another thing that was most happening was the stuff that was at my place, and left with 5 days to sell off everything and dispose all of it , and then help Sameer to shift ... per woh bhi maza tha ... Last night was stayed at Fateh's place and a lovely spicy chinese dinner near their place.
and then was at Delhi the next day after disposing my bike to Delhi ... and now i want it back ...
more topic for last week parties in Blore coming up soon ... so keep reading ....
and i wont write about last morning ultimatum ....

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