Monday, October 29, 2007

Pune 1st Day

Delhi Pune flight was a short one. By the time we were in Air , it was time to land , and the Pune was so hot and humid . By God , if u were thinking in that Blore was most expensive Indian city to be in , probably first stint in the city would revert your thinking. For a 20Km journey , the pre paid cab asked for Rs 450/- , same in Blore wud be around 360/- and in Delhi @ 270/-. The stay provided by infosys. And the accomodation was also very good , with one caretaker and one cook. Two bed , and AV , 14" TV ( my Lappy was bigger than idiot box) . There was no power , and hot humid Pune , just sweat out and cursed the place. Then i called one of my college friends , and he was staying just near to place i was , went on to meet the person , shared a few college giggles , and he also hosted a wonderful dinner. And then when i went back place , my room was locked and i didnt have the keys. after a few calls to owner arranged the keys , and i was told in this 900 Rs/day accomodation , the doors are not supposed to be locked. Long live Infosys and accomodation it provides

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