Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Week in Bangalore 2006

Bangalore , IT City , Software Hub and still most important and above of them all , main branch of Infosys Technologies Limited. I had heard from people while driving to Mysore to Bangalore on bike to leave my bike in Mysore , not because they doubt my biking skills but the beast called "Hosur Road" , little had a known there cud possibly ever be something so huge as traffic in Bangalore. I was reminded to days in Delhi when i was stranded in hours in traffic jams in evening school bus, but this one was much worse than that ever was. Buses , cars and bikes ... traffic all u can see , and a blade of free road is enough for a dozen vehicles fighting for it . Man, an admission to IIT must have been easy. And when it rains , it seems like someone has thrown gasoline over the already burning streets. an hour comes to couple and suddenly the bus travel stretches to like travelling on a highway ( only in terms of time spend). And this was proabably the only devil i found in Bangalore , as i used to tell my friends ... I was a carefree person , but after riding my bike for 5 months in Blore , i cud say with no regret .. "I believe life is a risk , myself have been doing it twice daily , once in morning and other while coming back from infosys to HSR".
But apart from this , the Bangalore is bigger than a city. Its still better than the notorious bangalore as it is known. It is gem of a city , will give u all what u want. Though it comes with a price , still it is worth it. The locals are prevalant as in any other city, but one will not find it disturbing. If you have a localite friend then its great , but even if you dont have , you wont be stuck in Mysore where people deny to understand hindi and english, flat on the face.
The auto will ask you some amount that will be so undesirable , come to Pune and you will know the current fare structure. People in bangalore are , i have not known many people in bangalore but a few ones , and believe me i will have a post on them coming in soon .

Now the above pic is of the time when i was in ECC , Infosys Bangalore but this was most travelled path. from my ECC to terminal ( food court). This day it was raining and it looked so beautiful. The pics were taken from my mobile in hurry and i did not want it to be spoilt as it was raining , hence blurred pics.

And this is my favourite of Infosys bangalore , the colored misty fountain. just outside my building.
Whatever it was , my stay in bangalore was one of the most memorable , not only because of varied options it provided but also because people i met here were good. Bangalore is far far a part of north india, and nothing but the deccan makes u believe u r in south India.

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