Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pune Infosys

Here are first pics of mine in Pune DC , Infosys Technologies Limited , a place i still did not appreciate and hate it to the core of my heart. A place where an employee of infosys will feel as if he is cursed to work here. all used to say Infy is not the correct place but Pune has proved me or made me to believe that Bangalore office of Infosys was better than Mys or Pune , in fact even if i dare compare bangalore infosys to Pune campus, it will be an insult to the bangalore infosys office. not only bangalore was more clean , and tidy but also well maintained.
First few weeks in Bangalore were tough though , now all seems fine , and i am starting to love the company of good friends here. And lunch time is one of the best times , good food and company.
Then home now also is much better than the Infosys Accomodation where nothing seemed to be going right.
Lets see , and hope my this Pune term comes up well and fine and short enough.


  1. Oye.. patla ho gay ahai tu kitna.. :).. fikar not dear.. every place is good.. its just your mindset.. Just Chill.. :)

  2. thanks a lot , per mein patla nahi huwa ... is baar dilli aaya aur mil nahi paaya :( sorry