Sunday, November 11, 2007

Train Journey 2 years Ago

Karnataka Express and two friends set the foot out to the outside world to chase the dreams, to make new friends , maintain old ones , and above all to earn money. Then also i had a different dimension to my dreams which i continue to nurture even today. When all the lines in each person is trying to deepen the luck line in the right hand , i have decided to take a different path. A path not only less travelled , but the one which will probably not reap any benifits for me , but might go down in memory lanes of so many people. This so innocent looking person has changed so much in last two years that even though God might not be able to tell the difference, i can sense the same. The pain of losing the friends , has infact took a step backward in making new ones.

I still remember the josh i had when i left the place , to be in Bangalore and move to mysore. I saw so many things en-route , and there was me who believed that its best to outside home. Though that mentality has not changed too much , but still think that the friends who make will have a void in your hearts. Now to the agenda of this post , those 42 hours in train , and the beautiful scenic beauties i saw in my life till then. The pictures taken here are no match of what I have clicked in my mind, but i am sure one may be able to appreciate the beauty i saw in train.

This was a continuous range of mountains ,most of the mountains were barren till then , and this was such a treat to eye that i wanted to get down , go to the top of the hill and shout ... and i took atleast 5 pics of the mountain top , and then i wanted to take more , but Nokia 3650 , battery also needed to be conserved

Above pic must seem to be a misfit in mist of scenic beauty but is not. This is one the places where the train took a different line and track , so that other train ( rajdhani express ) can pass through and then over train took a reverse gear. Think we lost atleast 30 min there.

The above bridge was probably the longest bridge i crossed in my life, one can consider its length that i tool out my mobile, turned it on and click a pic , and this bridge was still going on. The bridge which is seen was previously used to commute over the river , but now the new bridge has taken over .. reminds me of the life , the old must go , and new must come.
like times have changed and so must you , else these times wont forgive you

Last but not the least , 31 hours into the journey , the train took a you turn , nearly one , the curve of train was so threatening that i was scared what if it tilta to one side, esp with me sitting on the same side...

This post of mine must be irrelvent to many , but those who came to Bangalore via train might be able to recollect a few memories. would love to share comments ....

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