Thursday, November 1, 2007

Vaibhav Pruthi - Still the same .. remain the same

1st of November , and one of the the normal boring days when i completed yet another module on e-learning in Telecom Domain , tired and Fused out went back to home। Thank God , Tata Net connection was working , and i sat down to relax , and i found this guy online ॥ Vaibhav Pruthi। One who was in bed 3 days back ,and start off with normal stuff। Suddenly this fellow asks me to meet for dinner , and he says " aa jaa " ( come on ) , and a few sick sentis। And then i thought that lets meet, there is no stopping when Duty calls or the Friends calls... and in next 20 min i was in University Gate . And then I was there , and so was my old dear pal Pruthi ... woh hi mast si smile , and first thing i can tell about this person , he has maintained himself very well. And i really appreciate the way he carries himself. And then a big hug and we were off to a resturant nearby॥ Great dinner hosted by Vaibhav , and sharing those things which always were there ... and suddenly we were back in year 2k , in Montfort and the old rubbish talks of me cursing MontFort and praising SPS , and Pruthi defending the same started, which ended up in roars of laughter. The dinner was completed discussing our personal lives as open book , and sharing those secrets which i never told to anyone, he has known those in Montfort when i moved from SPS. Then we moved back to my place and i forget the route , and misguided by few locals , but still we reached home. He is one of a very very few friends who i cherish, and hope he remains the same .. atleast for me for rest of my life ...

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