Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blore Memory

Another day has passed , and these memories of all friends dont rust off. Each relation each single day gets off to a start .. and a stop. And here i am recounting one of the most wonderful evening of my life which never happened , but still is my best time.
The day i dont remember, neither do the date , but i feel in love with this girl over phone. Her sensible talks , never ending crib about people in bangalore and long working hours never failed to end. She possibly stayed near to my place but i never had courage to meet her. Let me paint her for you , two pony tails , not so good looking and possibly wheatish complexion and oily face. Yet, the way she talked was mature , and sometimes so childish. I was to pretend myself to believe no matter how this girl is lookwise , i wanna meet her once. And I dont know how she will react , but I gonna tell her that despite of her looks I am Really Inspired by her talks , her concerns , her childish queries... and that thing .. "Deepak tu mere baare mein kya sochta hoga". Took after 4 months of talk , one day busy cribbing about bangalore this lady calls up to meet me. Wheew , today i am going to meet a friend whose roots have grown deeper in me , more than the mysterious girl and as of that matter any girl. Carefree i just went.
It took 20 min for her to come down , and then i saw her. All that i wanted to say was no where. She was as beautiful as her talks, and first thing that i saw just knocked me down, and in few seconds i realised , i again have been cheated. Cheated by the same God twice and over. All i could remember was a chessboard , and here Black and White are never friends, and there is no third color. For once i believed there could be nothing more than friendship , but as a human heart , i saw a dream. Dream , and in my dream she refused to go. She was my crush,one whom i had a genuine crush. For first time , her facial value outshone her voice. But obver next few months, her talks again took over. And i understood that she is like a chubby child , one running after colorful butterflies , and asking his friends to help. One fine day , 31st august .. and something went worng .
And somewhat I start forgetting you , little little ,and your face fading away . Few phone calls always made me remember you , just few things like shouting Hooo and just escaped myself from being eaten up , and each talk of you making me remember that I am lucky to be talking to such a lady with beauty and brains.
And then its like one can be hungry , but one cant eat beyond a limit , and this is what defines human nature. The fading off voice of an angel from my life to a better world , for i always knew she had to go .. and if she is really going how can i stop.
One thing today when she has decided to chose a path , and is just going to start with a new life . remember one thing ...
I have learnt to listen to new songs for you , to listen to what people say and above all. I still think i can be a hero , but its still you all the way. There are a thousand things i remember of you and may fill this entire blog with them buti wont , since you are still a bug in mind , and i need to fix my brain before its too late for me to realise i have hallucinating for over months now
Dont know how to finish it , maybe like your song , your friendship is
" Its sweet like a sugar coated candyman" ....

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