Friday, December 14, 2007

Cant Afford a God

Life has been so full of surprises that i dont know if one such thing actually exists. Have you ever not met with an accident that u shout "Oh God Save me". Have you. Do u believe in God, I used to when i was rich. People remember him in times of distress , and i tend to forget him at times when i need him the most. For he is God , he must be knowing i am forgetting him. He must do something for come back in my life, must he play a miracle , should be join a broken heart or try to join all pieces of shattered heart that has just been crushed with a simple NO.
I am sometimes into believeing that God is nothing but an illusion , an illusion of a few happy who want to credit all they have to someone other than themselves. I am on other sides who are existing ( even if i can term it that way). He was bountiful of letting me meet her , and then in midst of haze , she just faded away. no no , not she , i , me .. I faded off in her memories , and my sight still glaze over the cubicle, on the roads , in the bus, in bike in search to find some faith. I have a great luck line , and a bigger fortune . I will be very rich , but money cant buy you love. I consider myself very poor when i look all i have lost , and the pains incurred. Few times when friends try to be God , and those when they end up devil.
Long time i have been to temple , long time i bowed my head , long times i touched someone's feet , long time i was blessed with an elderly hand... long time i lived , long time i thought about the almighty.
Is it back in me , the power to defy , power to negate his existence. I have nearly lost each and everything i said Mine , he has proved me that they never were. is my illusion that he is illusion is illusion or i am still disillusioned. I am still defying him , and let me challenge him to take all he can now , when i am in a position of nothing to lose , and anything more than that will surely dent his image.
Do u believe in him , i can but for time being i may not. for i have lost so many things to him , that i can't afford a God


  1. After reading your blogs it seems that you are under illusion that you are living in a hotel and you expect God to be in your service as your servant.

    Life is an exam and God is an examiner. When you are in trouble then it is nothing but your exam. Examiner can tell you the path but it is you who needs to travel that path. By reading your blog it seems that you want to take God's exam instead.

    You really need to understand below things in your life -
    1) Understand who you are.
    2) Understand your purpose of being here or taking birth
    3) Understand who has made this world and why He did that

  2. @ Sakha ... too many things ... brain too heavy . he made it all , or it got all of itself. was it a planned city or unplanned .
    Jab usne hi is duniya ka dimaan likha hai , her aadmi pyaari si ghazal kyun nahi hota

  3. @ sandeep : If he exists , one day u will find words for frustration of reading the nonsense above :)

  4. @deepak : keep up the good work .., hey and it's better than Infy blogs anyday..


  5. @sandeep: thanks man . per dont compare anything with anything. Infy blogs must be better. I am sure :)

  6. u are absolutely right
    God kind of things dont exists.
    It is just an illusion we have, if he wud have existed he wudnt let us fall in these many probz. I also used to beleive a lot in god, but i got the fact that it is all what i thought that god is doing some thing. It is just done by us or our frnd or any relative etc. Whether it is good or bad, everythng is done due to some thing we do. We always have a choice. For an instance we had a choice to stop us falling into love. But we thought otherwise. This is one of the result which love produce. Either you have everythng or nothing :)
    Again its upto us, we can live happily or crying for the one who is not ours. Its better to see what we have & how to get what we want from this. There are certain things which we cant get by only our wish, we need support from other side as well. But if you are not getting support either change the side or change the wish.

  7. God is in everything. if u deny it its yr madness. Also the author is mad

  8. @Annonymus
    If god is in everything then why people beleive in myths that dont eat this or dont talk to these people or dont do this on this day.
    Its from ur prospective.
    Now everyone has his own prospective. You beleive that god is everything & in everythng & i do beleive that it dont exist. I can debate on this but m not intrested to debate on this any furthur.

  9. Darkness is nothing but absence of light. It's not a separate entity in itself.

    You are in darkness now, but you will definitely see the light some day. And that vision of "some day" is the fuel which keeps us advancing.

    PS: Just a personal opinion.

  10. Do u believe in him , i can but for time being i may not. for i have lost so many things to him , that i can't afford a God

    Way too confusing…

    Anyway, “Do you believe in him” has to be answered as “I do” or “I don’t” and NOT as “I can” and “I may not” !!

    More importantly, I believe God (if he exists) doesn’t care a damn if any of us a) believe in him (theist) or b) doubt whether he exists or doesn’t (agnostic) or c) believe he doesn’t exist (weak atheist) or d) believe he cannot exist (strong atheist)..

    If you believe he exists, then it doesn’t require you to afford to buy him. He blesses you just when you think about him..

    If you believe he doesn’t exist, you cannot anyway (afford to) buy something/someone that doesn’t exist.

    If you are doubtful of his existence, first clear your doubts, then worry about affording him.

  11. i told . the person is mad. he is either in deep pain or just out of senses. ask him to visit temple

  12. My morbid fascination for atheism ended when I read a very true quote somewhere ‘There are no atheists, in a trench, during war’ or sumthin like that…

    Its easy to spout the disbelief in a creator but how many of us can truly claim to not believe in anything when we’re really down in the dumps…

    Plus what does an atheist say when he consoles people? Does he tell the loved ones of the deceased that they just watched him turn to dust… and that’s how the story ends? Does he tell those on the deathbed that there aint no heaven or nirvana and in a few hours they will cease to exist forever?

    Ever watched the memorials for the victims of a tragedy… I doubt I have ever seen an atheist take the podium to offer comfort. It’s not that they’re heartless… oh no… some of the best human beings I know are atheists.

    But at the end of the day, if an atheist and his doctrine cannot offer solace to a fellow human being in need… then he is just as guilty of the ‘crimes’ he ascribes to a god he does not believe in.

    Does a higher level of learning mean a greater tendency to doubt the existence of a supreme being? I doubt it… Einstein, TIME’s man of the last century, who seemed to understand everything the universe hid from us, believed in a greater power himself.

    That’s something Richard Dawkins et al need to think about.

  13. @Amit : u r correct man but it seems i believe god is there but i dont believe in his existence

  14. ‘agony , jealousy and hate’

    Trust me… I went thru the same… it feels so dark inside doesn’t it? I once found it ridiculous people believed in God... but now I believe.

    I kinda realize atheism can’t cure anything that it (perhaps rightfully) accuses religion of… I mean its true more ppl have died bcos of religion than anything else… but the antidote (atheism) tells me I’m just another animal, just a bio-chemical reaction bound to end someday… that wasn’t comforting for me :-P

    But I shake my head when believers condemn atheists… Did u read the latest abt Mother Teresa? In her memoirs she apparently wrote she sometimes doubted the existence of God…

    What makes her incredible is that she did the right thing for humanity despite the nagging doubt at the back of her head that the God she serves might not actually exist. Contrast that with rightwing fanatics all around the globe…

    I’m yet to see an atheist who blew himself and others up… or killed in the name of someone else…

    Lol… im guessing if there’s a heaven… it might be crowded with atheists for all we know 

  15. @Anonymous -- Shankar Ram Umakanthan Right . my current state of mind :)

  16. @Anonymous - Rajesh Kumar Rai .. Yes Deepak also is to defeat darkness but sometimes the wind too strong for its existence

  17. Here you go Deepak...

    “Does he tell the loved ones of the deceased that they just watched him turn to dust?”
    No. He says that the person is dead and has been buried/cremated and that it will be hard but they have to move on.

    “Does he tell those on the deathbed that there aint no heaven or nirvana and in a few hours they will cease to exist forever?”
    If asked directly by the person dying, he would tell the one on deathbed that heaven exists if he believes it does.

    “Plus what does an atheist say when he consoles people?”
    That you have the power to be happy. Just need to exercise it.

    The answers are quite general. Not to be taken as the exact response. They just provide a basic theme and can be modified to better suit the situation.

    Any by any chance do you know who this Anonymous guy is? I don't really like people with such less tolerance for others opnions. Scared actually of them. It's like I believe and so you have to believe or else... :)

  18. I just love those who take up comments from a famous personality and use it as if they were their own. I revere Dr. Kalam but that does not mean that all our views match exactly.

    I have heard a lot of people say "Darkness is just absence of Light" - Well, I agree to this. But why compare God with Light and Satan with Darkness? Why "Absence of God is Satan" and not "Absence of Satan is God"?

    Thoughts worth thinking on... :)

  19. so many People fighting over this small issue . what a waste of time

  20. @ Hofeza ... exactly . There is my room mate , just yesterday the shop keeper gave me a happy dent , cauz he didnt have the change, and he asked me ,,, have u started smoking. Means a happy dent in hand.
    Hofeza who defines black is bad and otherwise. Its some of us who have segregated the entire world for some small issues.
    I still say - Diwali mein hai Ali, and Ramzan mein hai Ram

  21. Well, whatever you think.
    1 thing i think as a human being you must understand, every person deserves the same as you irrespective of what religion he believes or how he look. Whether you believe in god or not. About heaven & hell, its another myth as per me. your life at one time seems as if it is heaven when you keep on getting whatever you ever dream of without doing too much for that & hell when you are in some problem & you are not getting any solution to them & most importantly you cannot run from it as well.

    About creator kind of stuff, its another thing we want to believe or not. If we don't believe, you can always find the evolution of man or even any organism, it started from the join of cells, then we had some see animals & after that animals which were both in sea & above sea & finally came mammals.
    Everything here is temporary, even the earth is gonna end some day. There are a lot of alien organisms we don't know about them. Even we don't know about many of insects etc which are on the earth itself. Basically its a kind of continuously changing thing.
    I don't dislike those who believe in god, i just put my thought & am not forcing you to accept my thoughts. I don't like the activities people do using name of god. How can god say that this day you cant eat this thing. If god exists, everyday is the same & every time is same. Every thing is same to him. God wont say to kill anyone( any animal/plant/man)[bali].
    Well its your own thoughts. Well said in a song i think, the truth is what you believe.
    What I think is be happy, live peacefully & let others live peacefully. Everyone deserves to live peacefully, irrespective of his status(rich or poor), gender or any religion or any country.

    Again i would say these are just my thoughts. Don't take it personally.

  22. awsomely said Amit. Does if exists then definitely does not need sacrifice of poor helpless animals. What if God is the Maker as in Matrix , a normal human being with a prolonged life and power to code the life.
    i am going to present a very idiotic analogy per think its worth thinking. you make 100 cars with battery and with one sense not to collide, like they will turn as soon as they are going to collide. Noi restriction on speed ,and leave those in a field. some cars will be fast some slow. but the cars will go on till batteries end. Same way life , we have 5 senses :)
    just a thought

  23. ........Long time i have been to temple , long time i bowed my head .....

    ......dooooooooooooooood u r saying all this.......u r a lierrrrrrrrrr, only 4 days ago u (stupid uuuuuuuuuu only ) vr with me @ parvati ( Lord Shiva temple, Ganpati temple, Vithal temple etc a lot many others) n everyvr u bowed ur head....n asked abt the PRASAD.... & @ last u took all d snaps also frm my cam....huuuuuh..... :)

    explain me??????


  24. ooooooooooooh god........... ws tht ur ghost wid me on tht day....
    ............ tht is d only possibility !!!!!!!!


  25. The post was written on Friday, December 14, 2007. we went on Sunday 16th December

  26. Dude , you are trying to find someone who does not exist... I may say "GOD SAVE YOU".. but he will not , simply because he is not there not for you or even for your enemies.
    P.S. But you will find yourself in bigger trouble if you start disbelieving him.So... Best of Luck

  27. @Arjjo
    So you mean god should be a terrorist that will say, those who dont beleive me will get bigger problems [:)].

    Its just an assumption, that it exist from my point of view. I am in many problems but i don't blame on god. You think that when you will be in problem, god will save you without you doing anything.
    Do one thing, just keep on praying when u r too much hungry & don't eat. Lets see whether god saves you without you eat for many days.
    Sounds rubbish, but for anything to happen we have to do something. We cant keep on thinking that this will help or this will save.

  28. Mr author u listen to arjjo . if u dont start to believe in him you will be in loss. it does not matter to him how u live

  29. to amit god is not terrorist but punish people who do wrong. so please save your dear friend from wrath of god

  30. @arjodev - bhai mein samajh raha hoon, ki mujhe uski talaash hai hi nahi jo ki hai , and if i close my eyes it wil not cease to exist. but there is a concept ki God is a belief, u may or may not follow it. If u keep on thinking God is the only way out , there are so many things in which u keep on asking God , but he never comes. Hope god is there , but as of now i dont believe so :)
    no offense meant bhai

  31. @amit - very well said
    @wellwisher - its a personal opinion and i agree to what Amit says

  32. "You really need to understand below things in your life -

    1) Understand who you are.
    2) Understand your purpose of being here or taking birth
    3) Understand who has made this world and why He did that"

    In short, this world is nothing but a trap or a jail. Jail is full of sufferings and so is this world. "This world is full of sufferings". We are convicts. Our purpose of life is to gain good credit by doing good Karma to come out of this jail. If we do not have enough credit to come out of this jail and we die then we take birth again in one form or other. Coming out of the cycle of birth, life and death is called as Moksha. This is the ultimate ambition of human life. Human life is the last stage to achieve this ambition. Only a human can attain Moksha.

  33. Well, its your belief. I also used to believe in this.
    1) Life is not jail. It is you who are making it jail for urself.
    2) What I am, well I am a human who have friends, relatives etc, & I do care for all my friends, I do what my heart loves to do, I don't restrict myself doing anything which i feel ig good enough to do.
    3)World is created by big bang explosion, initially it was a core. Every planet, every star, etc is moving. Now you will say why it is moving. Answer is due to gravitational force. I mentioned above evolution of man. God i think is just a myth created by some people to make people work as they want.
    4) About moksha, its another myth, a person dies when his brain is dead. We are actually our brain, which controls whatever we do. After death i don't think anyone can come back. And life has a lot of pains but has a lot of good things as well. If i get a chance I would love to come back again & again. :).

  34. i will like to go from Sakha's point of view this life is a real prison. We all must have done something wrong that we are here , but something better than others , like animals that we are superior species. But what happens after death ?? if i negate the existence of God , i will come back to earth. With same heart , same feelings , same brain , same friends , i fear not. I dont remember any of my previous births. If we get released , we will meet him back , into God , but then we will cease to exist. Means one like it or not , He does not exist. other the temples , church , mosque what proof one has. We say sometime miracle , luck ... but they are just few timelines,determination beyond belief ... If this world is really a jail by God , i will as any prisoner , defy The Jailer ...

  35. So even if i start with assumption that God Exists ,my common sense defies it.
    about moksha i agree with Amit , i will also like to come again and again on this earth , for new friends , for i can't image even separation with friends here :)
    So am again with Amit

  36. Hi Deepak,
    We all are here at earth bcoz of ADAMS mistake. And more precisely EVE is responsible for it. :)
    Just kiddin..
    Well I think If at all God Exists then it has to be one god or not at all.
    But to be frank with you i feel that he exists as all my prayers have been answered. Forget about asking ... I think/desire and i get it.
    Ya ... but there are a many instance where i begged for something and it was not granted by him. But you know what ?? He makes me feel in a very short span of time, the reason for not granting me something.
    But onething is for sure that we are no one to test God.
    I will give you a example of a father who has two sons.
    First son who demands every thing and wants it to be fulfilled and the second son who thanks his father for everything he gives him, never complains about anything and compromises with his brother without a complain and also loves his brother.
    I will ask you a question ... Imagine that these two are your sons... who will be more valuable to you.
    I dont intend to preach you or something ...
    As a well wisher I feel that Islam can answer all your questions if you try to know it with pious mind.

  37. hey Tarique , well said , but then u dont need to thank him to go to temple, or to mosque or church. But in the case as you said what happens if the wish of child is too extravegent , or if other child starts to hate him. Integrate the thought with respect to laks of people, now with one father , he might not give all everything , mayb he neglects some child for long time, longer than patience, may b lifelong , just as mine case. I used to thank him for all , i have been to all religious places. I still go , and with only one thing , if u really exist , prove it , atlease once.
    Please let me believe in you , do something , answer my prayer , do anything to prove yr existence. Just do it , once for once. This is your negalted child for a long time now

  38. God is not in Mecca, God is not in Ayodhya. Nor he is in Vatican. The only place where he resides is in our hearts, our souls and our beliefs. We keep life size posters of our parents and grandparents in our homes. Why??? Because it gives us a pleasure which can't be bought elsewhere. It gives us the courage thinking that they are always with us in all our endeavors. Similarly, an abstract state of mind is the feeling of Almighty. Nobody can touch it, nobody can explain it and nobady can explain how it looks like. It has to be felt.
    When you have no one to fall back on, you see HIM. He is the saviour and gives you the courage to carry on.
    Someone said, why can't we term "absence of Satan" as GOD. Simply because, HE is hope. Absence of satan can't give you hope, but surely the absence of GOD can, that he is somewhere looking after you.

  39. friend..
    I dont know you but still i want you to think upon these things -
    ** What if you would have been a Blind man and would have been unaware of the beautiful world around you?
    ** What if you would have got your true love and then god would have examined you by taking her away in the midst of the journey of life?
    ** What if you would have been born in a country like Israel or Palestine where your every day would have been a fear for getting killed?
    ** What if you would have been betrayed by the person you trust the most?
    ** What if you would have lost your wealth and family in a riot, a war or a natural calamity?

    You should be thankful to god that he has kept you in a better place.
    Buddy god puts all of us in a tough situation so that we can become strong.
    We need to be strong because we are not gonna live in this world forever. We have to die.
    The only thing we need to find is the truth of DEATH.

  40. @ Blogger aka Rajesh - that is exactly my point , it does not exist, jsut a belief in our hearts :) , just a blind human faith that someone somewhere exists , one unseen by anyone ... if we think God did exist , based on any religion , then we will find everywhere , some saint calling for God , and he appears. Prove it once now , let all humanity calll out for God in one unison voice ,and let he come once shattering all non sense people like me who claim does not exist. let him prove us wrong , once

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  42. I appreciate what has been written by a friend anonymously. It would be better if a nick name is added for the person who posted the comments as it becomes easy in addressing while replying.

    Well friend ... Its true that God is not in Mecca,vatican,Ayodya, etc.. The real god, if at all exists stays in our hearts.
    Once we have faith in him and start trusting him we will be obeying him for every small thing or action of our day to day life.

    Now let us take instances where a conflict comes up ... say like dress code of women.. or say like punishment for a rapist.. or rights of women .. or consumption of alcohol .. or eating non vegetarian.. or capitalism/communism .. etc
    you will find that everyone will come up with his own reasoning. What i say might not be acceptable for you and what you say might not be acceptable by me.
    This means that there should be a uniform discipline which should be acceptable by all and well justified.

    For this we need to finish all the differences in this world. There should not be any caste difference not any religious difference..
    A man should be recognized by his Good deeds and discipline.
    One should be able to marry any girl/boy in this world whether he/she be from different caste, or different religion or different territory.
    If you have any solution for diminishing this difference across the globe then let me know.

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  44. very very very well said Tarique miya. too good . jaisa woh kehte hai na ...
    ganaga ke kinare chup chup hai, jhelum ki hawayein roti hai ,
    maa ki mohabbat zakhmi hai , baheno ki wafayein roti hai ,
    kya tera hai kya mera hai , yeh ishq diwana kya jaane .. dil mandir bhi hai masjid bhi , bedard zamana kya jaane ...

  45. @Tariq - sorry friend , but had to delete the comments , hope u understand

  46. Yes, GOD exists. He is my belief. Never think that he will give you everything so easily. He shows you two paths-right and wrong. Now you have to decide which path you want to choose. If he gives you everything so easily you will not realize the importance of success and peace bcoz you wouldn't knw anything about failure, depression,'s true most of us remember in their bad time only...but don't forget that in bad time one will call his/her near one only:)
    If he had to do everything then why he sent you here. You are here for ceratin reason but what is that reason that you have to find out yourself.

  47. Ya.. i can understand. Not to be mentioned deepak.

  48. what happened . where are you man.
    missing your post. where is harry potter story. continue that