Monday, December 24, 2007

Fading Letter

Let me start it with famous saying " Qassid ke aate aate Khat ek aur likh rakhna , mein jaanta hoon woh jo likhenge jawaab mein " , reminds me of ancient times when a messenger used to take the messages written from one person to other. The messages written on piece of paper, leaves and even cloth. the times changed and then around 1700's , postoffice came into existence. It was then i , the letter , came into existence. It was like a re-birth. People started writing to each other , to relatives far off and to friends near to heart. By mid 1900's , i became the most important part of communications. I was in seventh heaven , with so many people waiting for me to come , for so many songs dedicated to me. There were so many types of me written , one from father to daughter, from lover to other , so on .. but one which made me cry , and had faced rainy days were those written by kins of army personnel. So many times they were so full of emotions that i lost myself. I was no longer a piece of paper , i was a feeling , a memory , a moment to cherished and kept. To be read again and again , for many times, to be hidden under bed , to be put on a notice board , to be shown to entire town .. that was me. People used to wait for me , and I was a V.I.P. , i used to love friends snatching the letters and running the entire city , though it hurt sometimes.
I remember of some instances when an innocent boy fearing his father ate me away on receiving a letter from her to be wife. But then came the computers, they renamed letter to mail. Post offices are being replaced by MailBox , and letters by emails. They say they dont need me anymore , they cant send the same message to hundred other friends they would have loved to. They claim not to have used a pen for a century now , and dont know where post office is. They dont understand my charisma , my charm. they dont understand the fragnance i carry , the smiles i bring to friend's face that your e-mails dont , the emotions i convey. The spell checks u have , but its fun to read mis-spelled words. you might need to send same message to hundred , but atleast send it through me to one who is more than what a hundred means to you.
For just take out your fav pens , dust it off , sheet of paper and write a letter to your near and dear ones , fragnance it and put it in post box. Ah!! you dont know where it is , there is an alternative. they say courier it . Do it once , for me . Please let me cherish my youth once more.
Once more , let me see a beam of smile on your parents face one more time , once more let a drooping cup of tea be placed on my body , to be lifted to leave cup marks on it , once more let me hear a discussion over a parrty , once more let me be kept secretly in pages of books ,before i die in pages of history ..
Just once more please ......


  1. Very well written... Agar time mile to ek baar yeh article padh lena...

    It is very touching...and well written...

  2. A different but meaningful take on a not-so-often-thought-of topic.

  3. thanks aby ... i have posted my comments there.

  4. looks like someone is trying be oversmart :)

  5. @well-wisher -- and who is that ... can some identities be revealed. Means u r so regular in my blogs , can u just tell who r u..

  6. Very different perspective I should say.I agree that a letter is a letter to be cherished forever. I still have a few letters written to me by my students which I read fondly even today. Nice blog.