Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Infosys Mysore 25 years Celebrations

I was one of the lucky ones to have witnessed the Infosys Celebrations of 25 years both in Mysore and Bangalore. The celebrations started well with Mysore and a huge celebration of Infosys being listed in US stock index, and then followed by 25 years of celebrations. I as my personal experience I consider the event at Mysore a better celebration then at Bangalore, for the high profilic celebration was laden with the presence of most of my close friends then. The event was never in question and what I take back from that celebration is a host of new friends, a new spirit and a new zest to life. A new thinking, a new vision and a new dream to float a company and be as successful as Infosys Tech Ltd. The event was garnished with presence of Chief Minister Shri.. Kumaraswamy, Chairman of Infosys Shri. Narayana Murthy, President and CEO of Infosys Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Chief Operating Officer Infosys Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Shri. Montek Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman - Planning Commission with P Chidambram ( former finance minister of India) . The event was on such a large scale that the stage set up for the even was too huge. At a location where SDB-4 circled the ground at one end and famous Mysore multiplex in vision at far end was a sight not easy to forget. We came to infosys at 3 PM , and believe me it was fortified like a city fearing Alaxander to attack the place. The entry for the employees was from the rear gate , and the parking at far end near GEC building ( will put a pic for all of them soon). Then we moved on to grounds where we were supposed to be seated. A first few seats were reserved for the media personnel, and behind them were we. I remembered the time when we went a bit early to see the Ravana burning during dusshera . I know bad comparison but was like that only.

Mr Chidambram said in his speech "Standing here it is difficult to believe that we are in India, that we are in not the capital city of a state, but in a city with a great history and an even greater future. This could be Silicon Valley in California. This could be the Rouen region in France, this could be Stuttgart, this could be any town in Australia, but we are proud that this is India. We are proud that the makers of this dream are here, with us, and let me begin by congratulating Shri. Narayana Murthy and those who founded Infosys 25 years ago."

These words from his mouth made me feel so proud , i turned around to see the the multiplex, and the magestic it stands

This was then followed by our own Narain Murthy's speech. his speech started as "It is a matter of great pride to see your child grow up, embrace a good value system, seek high aspirations, and achieve more than what you ever thought was possible. My young friends, Infosys is one such child; a child who has made all of us proud not only just by her achievements but as much by her humility, grace, value system and courtesy"

Then bonus was annouced and there was cheer all round the place , and then there was a DJ night, in which KK performed his heart out on a ravishing stage studded with world class DJ lights , and sound system to rock 6000 people present in the ground. There was dance mood all around , and trainees leaving tension of upcoming Exams and Compri's danced on the single tune played through the night. Bet , even stars and moon were swaying to the sound of the live songs sung by KK , which were so language independent. Songs ranged from hindi , punjabi to kannada and tamil. Think that was first time i appreciated the south indian music first time. And the trend continues till date.
We all danced and partied till we fell , exhausted like dying remote batteries who are not replaced but pressed hard for one last time, remaining enough to reach our bikes. God knows how we drove to homes with only cherished memories acting as single source of energy in this physically depleted body. for the star studded function which just annouced that a young man of 25 years is ready to take on the world , and his roar has been no less than that of a lion to tremble entire world.
We are Here , and We are Here to Stay ... :)

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