Thursday, December 13, 2007

Like A King to King

Finally, my current project is over. Really bugged by all the people here , not from our proj but from the neighbouring ones. The XYZZ is one of the undoubtly the best project to work for, in case you are looking for a reason to resign from the company or think your life as problem free. The politics being played, the resources torn apart , the fallen warriors ... And Just After the clash of titans , what remains is nothing but a heap of dust , dusk ... insteaad of a new era , what awaits is another long night ... For when the friends are few, and dementors (soul suckers) all around , you still stand in there , hang in there ,as if God is going to prize you someDay , mayb today , mayb Tomorrow .. or cauz u had so many repents to make ... u stay here ... shittered , in a pathetic state , waiting for something to happen, something to justify the existence in this bangalore city where Life is scared to death atleast twice daily , on numerous occasion . Why is it , that i am still here in office, writing something so useless as me ... well , why is it my friends have seen me changing without me noticing it .. why is it i want to be all alone when am even surrounded by all of them .. why is it i am asking these question and to whom .. for i dont believe in God , then why ...Why do i believe that for all the pains i am undertaking , for all the bad times , i will be rewarded , wll it be same fate as those who built the Taj ... probably not , but denial is one thing i am always spektical. ..Why is it the color Black has started appealing more than the color of light, or i have taken up the books for the fear of nothing ...Am i ready to go into amnesia , or still a ray of light exists ...for i am still not completly broken, for i still have a heart , and for a semi-functional brain. I can still type and those who dont understand this all , is a matter of me failing at so many peoples . and so many people's expectations , and then why i am there to expect anything from anybody , when i know this world is there to be conquered all alone .. for this is the time , i have my boots up my neck , and bare -footed on glasss spilled floor , i walk .. .. silently for my prize ...its here ,,.. just here ... extend the hand and see who waiting .. the one you have had known for so long , so little , that it has come to you to get to it ... and for it to make belive that u care ... is this more than what i aspire ..for next few decades , i dont know if i still write this line or exist ... but i know 1 thing ...I was there , and i Fought ... like a soldier to soldier , man to man ... like KING to KING ....


  1. “I don’t think many will find head in the article, only read it twice, and one will know what am talking about “

    True. Many will read it twice (or more than twice) and only one will understand what you are talking about! :-p

    On a serious note, it could have been written much more coherently and of course with fewer dots in between.

    PS: I wouldn’t have commented, but since the topic was for “Only for critics”, I couldn’t resist, as last time I was the only person who criticized genuinely! :)

    PPS: Will be posting the same comment on your blog too!

  2. I read your description of yourself after reading the blog. It said "Fun Loving". Your blog suggests otherwise.

  3. yes Dots are a problem , That is what i symbolise with a long pause , and trademark of most of my posts .

  4. @ anonymous - yes sometimes u may see deep pains in smiling faces :)

  5. good! relax man... take a chill pill... and use a lot of pauses... like this.... stress free... :)