Monday, December 3, 2007

love's hard , love's well

love's hard , love's well ,
love's where we all dwell .
And this Earth is a place where priorities do change. a simple prank for someone may be risking a life of another. For many money is priority , and for some friends. Am one of those unfortunate people who have in each stage of life found good friends , cherished them , let the friendship nurture and be as strong as a raw baniyan... still lose a few every now and then. A tree may prosper with every growing season but it has to shed some of its strength in autumn to come back more strongly next year. This lean patch sometimes takes away most cherished flowers the tree ever had , and this is where The Will of a person stands it test. To just blindly belive one has the best of world is not true , same as believing one to believe he does not have the best.
The way the life will turn around can't be defined in a random order , but yes this errentric life has its trajectory defined. It will not always be fine , neither will always rain.
The way of love is the most cherished one , and the most sad things happen with love. If u start loving a friend more than a friend , and the other person starts to belive that you have fallen in love with that person just because you compliment the other sex so much , so your talktime on fone increases, this is where the so healthy friendship starts taking a U-Turn. and most of the times , just like my case ,u realise that your one of the better friends in world , with whom you shared things you sometimes dont share with yourself is gone.
And you are once more standing in the middle of this dead world , surrounded by deaf dead people , shouting their throats out and running to kill you , and u look to a non -existent friend, who has for so much time help you fight off this real mean world , just not there...
and then you stand there , fighting dead , but then how you kill the dead ... how ...