Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mysterious Girl

I first saw her on 9th Feb 2007 , and had a little thinking that she will in subsequent eight months of our interaction will become one of a few people on Earth, whom i appreciate from Earth. For she has been one of the most thinking absent minded girl , one whose smile is bestest in the world , if not less. She has been like a mentor , a guide and above all telling me on correct lines what to do and what not. She can go hours and hours scolding you , stare you like u gonna die of a heart attack , and then smile herself.
The girl has strengthened me in the most happy times, and most happy times cauz of her. With so many trips , i appreciate her planning , and logical reasoning.
She is amateur cook , but believe me she is true for the saying - Professions build Titanic , Amateurs build the Oak , and all knew what sank. The food prepared on so many occassions was too good to be appreciated. Esp the kadi with chaaj .... it was awsome , and that day chappati were too good, i ate them raw. But believe me , i am also astonished by her speed to cook chappatis.
Then there was this day when we were in home , and it had rained for 4 days , and whole streets flooded with water , and no water in home , as the motor had been jammed.
One of the most well kept and maintained in terms of cleanliness. There can't be a disease scare when she is around , for not a germ can ponder when she is there. I just appreciate the way she want everything perfect , just like her .
And then there were friends in for the party , where we won each and every game on Eddie lines .. Cheat , Steal , Win ... and we did that. Then followed by game of cards , and as once a cheater always a cheater ... but she was the only one to know and sealed the lips .
Last , she cook a dish so awsome as a beauty she is. so simple yet so effective, an angel on earth came down to my life only give a new dimension to my life , and believe me , you are one of my friends who will always be my very very good friend. You gave a meaning to my life , and the way to live a new life. Those 8 months will be with me for rest of my life . just hope to be in contact soon ...
Well who is she , she is no real , only mysterious girl ... and all these instances fictious .. so please dont get sentimental ...


  1. Kaun hia ye mysterious gal? i dont think that she is fictious. Vaise nice description.

  2. Mayb u r right , mayb she is not false , mayb i am not true .. but like angels are never true but thye exist ... she is one of such inspiration ..:)