Sunday, December 2, 2007

tipsy topsy life

Life like candy comes in various shapes , size , packages and decorations. These are not always pleasant neither healthy. sometimes we end up in situations where we tend to believe that the God does exist , and that he is sole responsible for all the good things. and then suddenly he , who sits there in heaven, plays a trick none of us can understand. He plays like a professional , and he The One , never loses in last few minutes. The way he knits the life and all the threads together are too strong and beyond the power of man's destiny to defy the same.
If I am standing here today , trying to make most of my fortune myself , trying to change my luck , my fate , my life is all going to plan. I have many friends who with time have changed, most of them. But there have been minority carriers also , unlike the first ones who have changed. These minority carriers seems to appreciate the frienship only till the time the help is needed. and those most of friends who have changed have taken my friendship to a new dimension. Each new day , and each old friend gets his /her roots deeper in my heart , and it will be so unfair even to consider myself all alone here. My friends in blore , Delhi , Mys and chandigarh are so indespensable for my life , is like breathing friendship.
Its on them , the way they change the colors in my life that i am able to survive , and fight through one of the most difficult phases of my life , when people have either turned busy or pretend to be.
One of the most important lessons Pune has given me , if u really love someone , dont let it fly away for too long. Let her go once , and it will return , but dont experiment on it too long , mayb second time the bird forgets the route or it is too late.
With one special mention of a very close friend who just left in between. Yaar , i always wanted u to be my bestest of best friends, but think u went more in some other way. Had u hated me in this way , and i irritated u like this, you should have told me earlier , i would have never exposed my open wounds. But since its all open now , i dont have courage to be stripped again , of my honour , of my pride and most important of my life .
Do remember , life is not always bad , and so not always good. dont expect anything from life and from friends who u think are but in reality are not.
I still am not able to believe it that i lost such a close friend of me .... there can be only two ways we meet now , meet and never part till death , or never meet till i die .... but then u still wont come to my funeral ...


  1. Nice... and touching too....hope ur friend comes back after reading this....

  2. @Gaddam .. thanks yaar , the friend is always with you , close to heart , its the physical distance that hurts

  3. @Luckky : bhai meinu kuch nahi huwa hai , jsut ppl go missing in life make a big void