Friday, January 12, 2007

Rhythm Divine ( yaaron ka yaar )

Rhythm Diwan .... doston ka dost ..
tere bin mein kuch bhi nahi ,
tere bin mein kuch bhi nahi ,
tere saare aansu mere , meri saari khushiyan teri ....

aur mein kuch nahi bol sakta , kyunki jo jaante hai dosti ke mayne ,woh bayan nahi kerte ,
dil mein mahsoos kerte hai .
Rhythm and me share a Tom Jerry relation , he is like an elder bro to me , very protective and one who stood with me in worst of times , and off course , in best of times also.There will be so so many incidents relating to both of us , from IIT-KGP , Puri , Robo-doc, Cliffhanger , Final year proj ... arrey mein likhte likhte thak jaunga ... wait for more of Ry(D)M(e) kisse ...
"choti baatein , choti choti baaton ki hai yaadein badi ,
bhoole nahi beeti huyi ek choti ghadi ....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

DVD Continues ...

I still remember the day Anand Dwivedi got posting as Pune and me as Mysore. There was a tension in air , i can be smelled , felt and a sense of something dearly going away made us nostalgic. We wanted to change it , refused to believe that Infy can separate two friends , i mean brothers , together since 2nd semester to training in infy. How far is very FAR .... me in bangalore , he in europe .. my heart wid him , his wid mine ... friend of friend , am still waiting for you to come back. I dont find someone to pull a leg , not to laugh on , but to laugh with ...
"As per popular public demand , here is more of Andy DVD .... "

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Anand Dwivedi -- DVD

Anand , just like name ever-smiling and happy person. I have known him since 2nd year in college , and belive me , he is gem of a person. Not only he looks good , he also is a man of words. One thing i always appreciate about him is his varied taste , he can take in anything u want him to , but only thing is it should be sweetened by love. In frienship for friendship , he can cross any limit. May b , I dont consider him as a friend , because that wud mean me cheating myself , cauz he is like a brother to me , and the pain i incurred on losing him to pune and then to amsterdamn can t be understood by anyone other than aby or rhythm , the sections to them will be coming soon , and so will be many more sections .
Anand and me had best of times , we watched wresting together , and even when Evolution was at top , then we loved it . Can we forget Batista, Shwan Michaels ,John cena ..the time we spend with each other.
The times we went to college together , gave exams together , failed together , passed together.
Some things are never said , and i dont take the credit .. can go on record. Anand got 80% in 1st sem , and that time we didnt knew each other. next sem he got 90%. I still remember in exam i used to guess 5 questions and that set always came , but i never studied and realised it very late.khair , i still remember i used to drag him out of comp lab and shikha gandhi maam used to let me do that. we sat together , and prepared together for each of our success.
our memories grew deeper in infosys. we didnt got the same room (thank god ) , but adjoining room. there is a good thing (best indeed), i used to study from him for 1 hr before the exams and used to pass. I still cherish moments i spend with anand in mys and bangalore , and in Delhi.
I still miss him , and he is one knowing all my secrets , and best part , there is no thing in world which he knows and i dont and i know and he doesnt. Lemme tell u , i can read his heart , and he can do the same for me ....
" Aa mera haath thaam bahut ho gaya nasha ,
yaaron ne meh pila di bahut tere naam se .. "

what i wud like to conclude for andy , DVD , nandu ...

" Deepak Jalte hai , Fool Khilte hain ,
Badi Mushkil se Duniya mein Dost milte hain ,...
Is rang roop per dekho , hargiz naaz na kerna , jaan hi maange yaar to de dena ,
naraaz na kerna ..
rang ud jaate hain roop dhalte hain ,....

All Pics other than one with me are him in Netherlands ....

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Eddakal Pics

The Deadly Gang at edakkal ... All Roaring to go . Pic in Order from right ( Nikhil , Me , Dipankar , Neeraj , Chinu , Siddhi , Rajat,Ashis ) .. Ashish is the one taking the pic ;) ... woh bhi hai team mein ,.... Ashish pata nahi kahan tha , yeh Pic Rajat ne li thi ... Sorry Yaar , Bhool gaya tera naam likhna , u were so much in my mind that i really thought to have written your name ..
Our Slogan ( me and Rajat's) --> Jai Budhapa ... Decode it ..

I am here with my promise of more pics , i really want the pics to do all the talking. These are those pics which are the real memories , and there are so thousands of memories that will flourish my mind right through my memory and life .

edakkal caves

the first phase of my Kerala ... was edakkal caves , means hanging rocks , but it seemed to be a long one. The journey started with having a heartful breakfast in mysore , and then moving to kerala. En route the forest area , we saw lots of deer and sum elephants . stopped the car to have a pic or two , and by end of morning , we were in kerala , and by 12:30 in edakkal caves. But at this point is where a strange incident happened. As soon as we reached the caves , the fellow cab driver from other person , told that Saddam has been hanged in a wrong way , and as such there is a strike in wayand and everything will be closed from afternoon 3 to 6 , so we had time till 1:30 pm to go and come back. 1 km steep uphill track on road , followed by another 300 meters mountain trekking with no life support , then followed by 100 feets of pure rope climbing, which we had to leave cauz of time constraint. but the beauty of place still grips the heart and soul. and i will upload loads and loads of pics tomm or day after