Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mitesh's Onsite Party

this post is dedicated to Mitesh Pravin Vartak(above) , a true and another good friend , another gain from infosys. How can i dare to forget how the boring Saturdays in ECC when Mitesh would turn up every saturdays , much to fury of my another very good friend , Mitra , who preferred a more private life. But as always , Mitesh brings with him a smile , a beam of ray to hope your day up , and off course my lone source of washing the clothes :) .

But i have known him since 10Oct 2005 , where we first met. I really dont recollect how exactly we met , it i am sure of DJ's connection in that. Also came with Mitesh was Lalit and Pallavi's friendship. Hey hey , me getting into too many names , seems i wont be completing my blog ever. But yes Mitesh has been associated with most bad luck ( other than Onsite , like washing all sins in sacred Ganges at once) . From losing to mobile phone , which i often mockered about but then going through the same fate .
Mitesh has been one of my good friends in infosys and is currently in Swizterland .

An Evening In Infosys

After a full fledged work drenched day , what i appreciate most about infosys is the ability to refresh one instantly with world class facilities , right in the campus , add to it Cafe Coffee Day and its inexpensive coffee, flavoured by friends all around. with a CCD cup in hand and surrounded by friends for half an hour seems to refresh you and drives away all the tension away. Most of the evenings went in CCD. and the topics range from most technical to most emotional. Most of the coding problems gets solved in this period. While i was in Mysore , the infy FC1 and FC2 also boasted of CCD , but this infy bangalore CCD near bldg44 is best. And sitting in this CCD , we can see most beautiful fountain , with rainbow colours to revive you .The below is the coloured fountain , and then the familiar Latte Coffee Mugs ... Say Cheers ...